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    I have corrected the typo. It now reads "does not allow" which is what I originally meant....
  • Posted Sculpt! to Indigenous/Colonial Mexican Theatre
    The colonization of Mexico has affected Chicanos as a whole and is present in modern theatre. We will define Chicano as a person of Mexican descent that focuses on taking pride of one's Mexican origins and does allow for an...
  • Posted Divide and conquer! Answers to questions 1-3 to Indigenous/Colonial Mexican Theatre
    1. To help people understand our topic it is going to be necessary for us to communicate the social conditions in which this theatre arose. Looking at the recent past, from the early sixties on, various restraints (societal, racial, classism)...
  • Posted Format of Presentation to Indigenous/Colonial Mexican Theatre
    Our group decided to present the information in the form of a lecture. In order to have a visually engaging presentation we chose to use a prezi instead of a power point, this will allows us to add slides, pictures,...
  • Posted Indigenous/Colonial Mexican Theatre Proposal to Indigenous/Colonial Mexican Theatre
    Nov. 13th We will use Luis Valdez's Teatro Campesino as a lens in which to dissect the historical Cortez encounter between Colonial powers and the Indigenous Aztecs'. Cortez symbolizes "Colonial white power" over the Aztecs in modern Chicano Theatre. He...
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