• Commented on Reflection on 'Tubes' by Andrew Blum
    I think that you raise good questions about the connect or rather the distinguish of the two worlds- one of the internet and one of the physical world. From my understanding it is quite difficult to make a complete disassociate...
  • Commented on Tubes and first blog entry!
    It is true that after reading this book, it is very difficult to think about internet connection and the world of technology int the same way again. Blum has a unique way of providing in detail understanding of the world...
  • Commented on The variety of connections throughout the Internet- Blog Week 2
    I agree with you guys. We hardly think much about the internet. It is quite intriguing the way Blum describes the connection of the internet. He almost makes the connection of the internet to the world as an intimate and...
  • Commented on It's What's on the Inside That Counts
    I agree with you. Living in the era of modern technology is quite exciting and intriguing. Prior to reading this book, I never thought much about how the internet begun or how internet connections occurred but Blum had opened my...
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