• Posted Anonymous to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Well I have to say that my eyes have been opened by this book. I admit that hacking was one of those things I knew and probably still know very little about. I find it interesting how Parmy Olson discusses...
  • Posted Networked to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    The topics Rainie and Wellman covered in chapter 5 all seemed very subjective too me. They tried too disprove all claims that ICT's have caused any issues with an individuals socialization and in fact want desperately to prove just the...
  • Posted Rhetoric Online to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    After reading Chapter 1 of Rhetoric Online I really considered boycotting these blogs since according to Castell it isn't real communication and I feel silly wasting my time on fake communication. However, I then considerd that if my college professor...
  • Posted Super Secret Internet Stuff to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Initially when I was reading chapter 7 in Blum I was torn. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to react to how these websites and their super secret data centers work or don't work since at least in the...
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