• Posted Anti-hacker Groups and the Ethos Appeal to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    In chapter 14 of We Are Anonymous Parmy Olson argues that anti-hacker groups are becoming important in the hacker world to find the hacker's identity. Prior to this chapter, Olson had provided multiple examples of some behavior that some members...
  • Posted Educating how to Monitor Online Reputation to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    In Chapter 10 in Networked, Rainie and Wellman discuss how people can thrive as a networked individual. They state, "that the most successful networked individuals have networking literacy" (274). To have networking literacy people must follow the proper steps to...
  • Posted Is Web-based Discourse Different than Print Discourse? to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Warnick and Heineman discuss the possibility that Web reading is different than print text reading in chapter 5 of Rhetoric Online. Warnick and Heineman state, "Web reading, however, is discontinuous and fragmented; readers read rapidly and piece together what they...
  • Posted Rhetoric and the Internet to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    One thing I found interesting about Tim Berners-Lee and from our discussion this morning was Berners-Lee's definition of the dictionary. On page 12, Berners-Lee states, "We think of a dictionary as a repository of meaning, but it defines words only...
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