• Posted Anonymous: Master Manipulators to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    In Chapter 13 of "We Are Anonymous" Parmy Olson writes this: "Chanology and Operation Payback had shown that if they were manipulated in the right way, Anons in their hundreds would suddenly want to collaborate on a raid or project....
  • Posted Interconnectivity has killed privacy. Give up. to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Rainie and Wellman cite the stat "57 percent of American internet users had searched for material about themselves online" (p. 267), which suggests a slim majority of people spend at least some time Googling themselves. Monitoring online reputation has become...
  • Posted Agreed, but with a disclaimer to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    Warnick and Heineman argued in Chapter Three of Rhetoric Online: "therefore, not only do interactivity and online discussions facilitate communication, they enhance the potential for developing a more informed and attentive electorate." (p. 61) This is diametrically opposite of what...
  • Posted A Glorious Wreck to WRIT 3577 - Spring 2013
    The Internet is great in practice, but rather weak in theory. I am simultaneously one of the Web's more passionate advocates and one of its most jeering skeptics. How can something this patched together with the proverbial glue and duct...
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