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Alternative to Microsoft Office (seriously)

So for students, did you know that you can actually purchase Microsoft Office from the U of M for half the price of what its worth. Now thats one heck of a deal if you ask me but for those that just graduated or aren't going to the U of M anymore there is an alternative.


The program that I am talking about is called Open Office. It's free and has all the essential you need to do your homework or you work assignments. For example they have excel, powerpoint, paint, and word documents. The awesome thing too is that they are compatable with microsoft word so there shouldn't be any big issues with that as well. So if you're looking for a software that will do all the tricks of what Microsoft Office does then Open Office is the best alternative.

Google Drive

So I just recently decided to try out Google Drive which is essentially an online hardrive that stores all you files. You basically have the ability to access these files from anywhere, your phone, you work computer, or your home computer... Now that is convience!!!


What I love about Google Drive is that if you edit and save files for one computer, it automatically updates all the files so your other computers will have the same updates. Lastly, the best part is that it really benefits those of us who are constantly on the go and hate the hassle of  emailing assignments to our selves.


For us U of M students, we already have gmail accounts so we can easily access Google Drive and for those of you who don't have gmail accounts, you should definitely get it because it is super convenient.

Duluth Road Trip

Just got back from Duluth earlier this morning and their is definitely alot of construction on the roads. I decided to go up on Wednesday to help a friend pack up his belonging as he too just graduate. I definitely had a great time up there and look forward to swimming in Lake Superior this summer.


Have a great day everyone!

Ice Cream Treat

Just got back from Conny's Creamy Cone which is an awesome ice cream shop. They even have 26 different flavored ice cream flavors like bubble gum, espresso, butterscotch, and a whole lot more that even I have never heard of. The best part is that they are really cheap prices.

I ended up ordering an espresso ice cream cone and cheese curds. All I can say is that both were delicious!!!!

connie corner shot.jpg
conny outside shot.jpgconny menu.jpg

Twins Vs Angles

So yesterday I was able to get 5 free tickets from my favorite non-profit organization ACES and I decided to take my friend, little brother, nephew, and niece.It was an exciting time for my younger family members because it was their first time at a Twins game. The first thing we ordered when we got there were the "Dinger Dogs" which is a footlong hot dog. Then we ordered fries and a large pepsi. We then topped things off with cotton candy.

As good as the food was, the game was not so good. We eventually had to see the Twins fall to the Angels 6-2. However, on a brighter note, my kids got to see an official homerun from left fielder Josh Willingham. Additionally, they also got to see the fireworks that came after the homerun.

I guess you can say that this was a success because my kids got to enjoy an outdoor baseball game, eat great tasting food, and see many of the in game festivities.

me balcony 2.JPG
mid view 3.JPGmid view 2.JPG
close up base view.JPG

NFL Draft Conclusion

So the Vikings just concluded the draft this past weekend and we were able to get so many new players into the organization. First Vikings traded away their #3 overall pick for the #4 overall to select Matt Kalil and a few other late picks. Then with those extra picks we came back into the 1st round and got a safety Harrison Smith. Then in the 3rd round we got the faster cornerback at the NFL combine. Followed by 2 recievers, a tight end, a cornerback, a kicker, a linebacker, and a defensive lineman. This draft in my opinion was a great draft because we the VIkings literally injected a lot of young guys into the team and really talented players that could potentially develop into starters in the future. I am seriously very excited to see these guys play especially Matt Kalil and Harrison Smith.


Welcome to the team guys!



NFL Draft

So next week is the NFL draft starting with the first round that will begin Thursday and rounds 2-3 on Friday and 4-7 on Saturday. The draft is essentially the selection of college players and is a great way to bring younger players onto your team. It is also the best way to build a good team. For example, teams like Green Bay have done a great job of drafting players which has led to its recent strings of successful seasons. For me personally, I enjoy this time because I am very interested in the new players that will be coming into the Minnesota Vikings team. Additionally most mock drafts have the Vikings selecting Matt Kalil at the number 3 spot in the first round and either a cornerback or receiver in the second round. Whatever the case it maybe, I am just excited to hear about some football news and bring new excitement to the team next year!

Lets go Vikings! 

Timberwolves Update

Had a great time with the my family yesterday at the game against Memphis. Even though I wasn't as focused on the game as I usually am I still had a great time. My family also had a great time with all the festivities that were there like trying to get featured on the jumbotron or  just enjoying the half time shows. Here are a few other highlights of my night:

free samples of licorice candy
free samples of chips
received a buy one get one free pretzel for first 500 fans
got to meet crunch
ate loaded potatoes, fresh cut fries, ice cream, pretzel, and hotdogs

The best part of my night was knowing that even though we lost, my family truly had a wonderful experience at the game

Little nephew meeting Crunch for the first time!
Little brother comparing shoe size...P4171006.JPG
nephew comparing shoe size...P4171007.JPGshoot arounds!!!

Cheap Timberwolves Ticket!

I just scored 6 tickets to the Minnesota Timberwolves game against the Memphis Grizzles for $1.60 a piece on Stubhub! The best part is that they are lower level tickets.

Now your probably wonder if we should trust the site right? Well when you buy from Stubhub, it has a guarantee program that will make sure you get your seats so don't worry.

But I bought the 6 tickets with the intention to take my 2 younger brothers and 2 nephews to experience a live basketball game.To my kids, winning isn't a very big issues and its more about just having fun with them. For example, they enjoy the dunks and the food that are there. Thus this brings a very good point of developing team spirits at an early age as well as having fun. I'm really hoping we get a win to add onto the great experience we are going to have tomorrow!

Will post photos soon enough!

twolves tickets.jpeg

Work Update

So I just finished a really big marketing project for Hmong American Partnership that I have been doing for about a month and a half. As a result from this project I have learned alot about the marketing strategies of how to market services. For example, I had to do competitor analysis and look at service strategies for the 4 P's. So now, the next step at my intern is social media and I'll be focusing on how we can effectively utilized Facebook as a marketing and branding tool. In addition, it could potentially serve as communication tool between us and our fans.


In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and good luck with group projects and papers that you may have coming up!


Wow, I seriously have like 3 weeks left of classes and finals on the first week of May! It is both an exciting time and sad time for me because I have really enjoyed my last 2 and half years in the sports management program. The instructors are awesome and well informed within their respective fields. Additionally, I have learned a lot from the instructors and really am sad to leave higher education.

On to other things, lets see I just got a set of tickets to a Twins game for May 10th against the Toronto Blue Jays. Guess how...I got it through volunteering at my favorite after school program Athletes Committed to Educating Students! I cant wait to go!


Hunger Games

If you haven't seen Hunger Games, you should definitely check out the movie. Hunger Games is set in the future in which there is a huge war between 12 Districts and all 12 would ultimately lose to the Capitol.

As punishment and for remembrance of the war, they hold an annual Hunger Game in which 2 members (1 boy and 1 girl) from all 12 Districts fight until the death to try to win their district food and an opportunity to live a secure life.

The movie has many twist and turns. While watching the movie, I was curious to know about each character and their past. For example, Thresh from District 11 had me wondering how he died and I later found out from a friend who read the book.

So for your sake, since it was never mentioned in the movie, I will give you a little spoiler from the book. In the scene after Thresh had killed Clove who was from District 1, Kato subsequently followed Thresh in secrecy and eventually killed him.

Just little detail like that are very interesting and if you can't get enough of the movie just try to read the book which I will certainly do after school is over!

NFL resolves Saints Bounty System

I am relieved that the NFL was able to resolve the issue between the New Orleans and the Bounty System they ran. For those of you who don't know, the Saints under the guidance of defensive coordinator Greg Williams ran a bounty system in which he awarded cash advances to players on the team should they injure an opposing player. Additionally, the general manager of the Saints and the head coach all knew about this as well.

This bounty system affected me as a Minnesota Vikings because during the 2009 NFC championship game, the Saints were intentionally trying to injure Probowl QB Brett Favre and it resulted in him taking big hits as well as a badly injured ankle.

As a result, Greg Williams is indefinitely banned from the NFL, the head coach is being suspended for one year, and the general manager will be suspended for about 6 months.

Topics like these are very ethical issues because it involved so many people and so many reasons why people choose to either do it or not do it. I for one am relieved that the NFL was able to handle this very well and straighten things out.

Spring Break

Spring Break has officially begun and after looking at the weather forecast, the weather should be pretty fair to us Minnesotans for this spring break. So be sure to get some time outdoors because I have already.

Yesterday had a little game of co-ed flag football with my friends and of course my team won! Also I'll be going to the Saint Paul Rec Center today as well and just a reminder that they are running on different times for spring break. So plan your workouts accordingly.

Have a safe and exciting break, I will keep you posted through out the week!

Timberwolves Recap

I totally forgot to post up these photos, but last Monday, I went to the Timberwolves-Clippers game and had such a great time as well as a 95-94 victory for the Timberwolves.

This was a very exciting game because it was a battle between Kevin Love and Blake Griffen both who many considered to be the next generation of power fowards in the NBA. Blake Griffen had 26 points and 12 rebounds which was very impressive but Kevin Love outplayed him and went off for 39 points and 17 boards as well as the final 4 points to keep pace ahead of the Clippers.

Timberwolves game finisher.JPG

Utilizing LinkedIn

So I have been trying to figure out how to further utilize my LinkedIn account and found some really cool things about to do. Within LinkedIn you can connect with other groups in a particular industry. For example, I am connected with Minnesota Sports Marketing Network, Sports Careers, Sports Industry Network, and University of Minnesota Interns. With these you can connect with others and ask questions regarding your industry.

For example, one person asked how to successfully launch a sports camp for youth and he received all positive support and tips on how to successfully launch one.

Not only that but they frequently post very interesting articles that would be of benefit to almost anyone. Now go and join a few of those networks I mentioned!

Coffman Arcade

Just had lunch and some fun at the arcade in the basement of the bowling alley. Great way to kill time and get a snack bar that offers food like fries, cheese curds, sodas, and FREE board games!

coffman 2.jpg

Awesome Opportunity!!!

Are you a current college freshman or sophomore student? Do you have a GPA of 3.00 or more? If you answered yes to both these questions, you may be eligible to be recruited as an INROAD intern. INROAD is an organization that helps student get intern at on of their sponsoring corporations. INROAD currently serves 2,000 interns at over 200 companies.


INROAD will provide a paid multi-year internship, customize skill development to prepare you, provide networking opportunities, professional coaching, corporate mentoring, access to scholarship opportunites, free tutoring, and potential for full-time employement upon graduation.


If you have any interest in business, engineering, computers and information sciences, retail store management, sales, health, or marketing; this is a great opportunity to take advantage as the application deadline is March 31st.


Don't let this opportunity pass up go and apply!

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