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First Business Trip to Hartford, CT

T2.jpgI was headed to Hartford, CT for my first business for the Travelers Indemnity Company. It was a 3 day business trip on June 15 to June 17.

Travelers have two corporate location where Hartford has largest number of employees and Saint Paul with over 2,000 employees. The purpose of the business trip was attend a conference for all interns through the United States. Over 200 interns from various states was gather at the conference.

Day 1: I flew out of Minneapolis at 10 am and arrived in Hartford at 1pm. Later on that afternoon, was the first meeting where all the interns gather to meet socially. There was dinner provided as well as many games for all intern to do and get to know each other.

Day 2: Today was a day full of meetings and networking activities. I attended a meeting about insurance as it's an important asset to the company.  Also, I learned many things about business etiquette. Travelers also hosted a Intern Challenge to built the tallest standing tower. It was a competition between 20 groups and my team won the "Travelers Great Intern Challenge."

Hot Humid Summer Plans

This summer I am working full-time at Travelers. I am still in my same role, Community Relations Intern, but just full-time and then in the fall I'll be back to part-time. Other then work, I have been spending a lot of my afternoon at the lake swimming.

I am also taking summer course, which it does not start until mid-July. As of right now, I'm taking a Kaplan LSAT Preparation course offered through the U of M Law School. It's an amazing course with great Kaplan professor and Law School adviser. I'll be blogging more about this because this opportunity to take the LSAT prep-course for free was amazing and I learned so much.

This mid-July, I'll be going to Wisconsin Dells, which I'm quite excited about.

Thank you for reading!


Update: Internship at Travelers

I had been carried away with all my course work which is now giving me very little time to reflect on what I'm doing at Travelers. Here are some updates:

What I'm currently doing now:

  1. It's the time of the year again for high school seniors, they are starting to hear back from scholarship they had applied for. It could be either bad or good news. Well, Travelers have on-board some new scholars for the next school year 2011-2012 through Saint Paul Chamber of Commerce and Wallin Education Foundation. I want to give a shout-out and congratulate the scholars! This mean, I will be starting a new tracking sheet for the new scholars.
  2. We, Travelers, are sponsoring the play called 'I Wish You Love' at the Penumbra Theatre. We are hosting many opening nights for staff and corporate leaders to enjoy the play. If you have the time, this play is a MUST to see as tickets are running out fast!  
  3. There will be two more sponsorship event I will be attending before I head off to study aboard. Project Success will be hosting their sixth annual celebration event at the Target Feild on May 11th. It should be a fun event with many students and all the sponsorship. Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation is a non-profit organization that connect people in the community to the Mississippi River. They will be hosting their 17th Annual Great River Gathering at the Saint Paul River Centre on May 12th. 

Travelers Mentor and Mentee Connections Event

On Feb 11, 2011 morning, Travelers hosted their first Mentor and Mentee Connections Event. This project and event planning had gone through many stage of changes to make sure it will help develop the mentor and mentee connections. Finally, as I enter my role as an intern at Travelers, this was the first event I planned. It was a successful event and I look forward to develop this program further because I believe in whichever situation you are in, there have always been a mentor there to help lead the way. I also have my own mentor and believed the relationship is very important. Here are some of the photos from the event.


Working Hard

Today have been an exhausting day for me. At Travelers, I have been planning an event called Travelers Mentor and Men-tee Connections Event for months now and the day of the event finally came! The event went well and very successful. It's the first event I have plan since my internship at Travelers. Like I mention before, I am very exhausted right now from the whole event and lots of studies so I will post some picture up soon from the event! I just wanted to blog quickly about this because after working so hard on a project and it's finally done with, I am very proud of all the work and wanted to share it will you all. Stay tune for more pictures from the event and details. 

How it's going at Travelers

Everyday at work is always a different day. When I first started, I spend a lot of time meeting and having coffee with many corporate leaders and now as I settle down, Community Relations have been keeping me busy. I want to share with you all what I have been doing with Community Relations at Travelers.

Some projects I had work on was:

AVID/Travelers' Career Day: I helped plan this event for Saint Paul Public Schools AVID seniors and juniors to come to Travelers. We gave them a tour of the building, meet with many corporate leaders and a chance to have lunch together.  Senior participated in panel discussion about transitioning from high school to college. Justice Alan Page was our guest speaker and we were able to hear many words of advice from him. 
The weather was perfect today for a mid October season. Instead of spending my times outdoor, I was working at Travelers. I am currently an Edge Intern at Travelers within their Community Relation Dept. I work closely with various college prep program and scholarships. All of these college prep program (AVID, Best Prep, Admission Possible) and scholarships (ex. Page Education Foundation, United Negro College Funds, Metro-State University) are funded through Travelers. I will be working on congratulation letters to some of our current scholars for this school year (2010-20111).

I also plan and prep career days at Travelers such as the Backpack to Briefcase Event or Travelers Edge Event.

In the near future, I will be attending some events that Travelers helped fund and will be posting more information on my blog site. I am enjoying what I do here at Travelers.
Today is my first day at Travelers Insurance. Again, I am interning for the Community Relation Department. I am not too sure what I will be doing, but I will keep you all posted after my first day! Excited! 
travelers.jpgAfter some long and hard consideration, I will be leaving my current job to join Travelers Insurance for an internship position. I really enjoyed what I did at the bank, but I feel like the change will be a great experiences for my long-term career goals and education. 

I am really excited to join the Travelers team as an intern. Some history how I encounter with Travelers started last Fall of 2009. I attend one of Travelers event, Brief Case to Backpack, and learned so many new things about Travelers. Also, I was able to built a relationship with Travelers through my college mentor, a mentor through the Page Education Foundation. This past May 2010, I was invited to be a guest speaker at Travelers for a high school graduation event. This photo to the right was a picture of me before the graduation ceremony.

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