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Today is the first day back to school! It feels great to be back to school and walking around campus. To all the new freshmen, if you feel lost or need help, feel free to ask anyone walking around you or sitting next to you.

This morning I went to one of my classes and walked out of it super excited for the rest of the semester. I am waiting for my next class right now, so I will post more information about all my courses later. It's a busy day on campus so enjoy!
IMG_3174.JPGI feel like summer had just started and now July is coming to an end. Today I already went back-to-school shopping (paper, pens, and folders). These early bird sales are a lot cheaper so make sure to catch them while they are still on sale.

Also, can you believed it, I only have two more weeks of my summer course then it's done! The summer times really fly by. I have one last speech for my Public Speaking course to go, a final paper for my Intro to Strategies in Teaching Adults, and creating a website for my Intro to Business and Marketing Education.
IMG_3264.JPGProfessors at the university have established unique teaching styles. I found this to be very interesting because of my Wednesday night class. It's an HRD course called ADED 3101 about teaching adults in the education field. The professor specialize in blending the course so that the class can meet in class and sometimes online. By providing the class with a classroom and online setting, it helps develop different types of learning styles. When the class meet, the professor likes to collaborate everyone in discussions and network from each other. When the class meets online, everyone is also involved in a discussion, providing feedback back and forth. As the professor mention, this gives the class a chance to learn new technical skills and communicating from distance. This teaching method is different and unique compare to some other courses I had taken in the past.

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