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Favorite Motivation Quote


"Anything is possible, if you make it possible" is my favorite motivation quote. I am not too sure who is the author, but I came across it a few years back. I believed that if you put and set your mind on something you want to accomplish, it will be possible, if only you have the motivation to make it possible. Everyone encounter obstacles that is sometimes hard to overcome but it's just barriers to stop you from reaching your goals. You'll have to be stronger and believe in yourself in order for anything to be possible. This is my motivation quote in my educational journey.

This Christmas I received this coffee mug as a gift from my sister with my name and favorite motivation quotes engraved on it. It will definitely be something that I will cherish. You'll be seeing it with me!

I would like to know what is your favorite quotes and motivation! Please share and comment below. Enjoy!

How it's going at Travelers

Everyday at work is always a different day. When I first started, I spend a lot of time meeting and having coffee with many corporate leaders and now as I settle down, Community Relations have been keeping me busy. I want to share with you all what I have been doing with Community Relations at Travelers.

Some projects I had work on was:

AVID/Travelers' Career Day: I helped plan this event for Saint Paul Public Schools AVID seniors and juniors to come to Travelers. We gave them a tour of the building, meet with many corporate leaders and a chance to have lunch together.  Senior participated in panel discussion about transitioning from high school to college. Justice Alan Page was our guest speaker and we were able to hear many words of advice from him. 
Here are some thoughts I have about engaging learner with the use of technology tools. In my Technology Tools for Learner, I have been reading a lot of information about this and thought it would be nice to share:

Technology is shifting and changing every day. If you don't keep up with the some of the latest technology, then you'll find yourself falling behind on the latest technology. Have you consider how can technology tools be better used in educational setting for learning purpose? I think the idea of integration of technology use for school is a great idea if is being use in a proper way (effective so students can actually gain/learn something) of learning or teaching.

Through my college education, I had the opportunity to work closely with a mentor who gives helpful advice and support me in my education which builds the extra confidence as I am pursuing my degree at the University here.

She work for Travelers Insurance within their marketing department which greatly relates to my studies. I meet with her once every one or two a month. It's a great way to network this way because she is more knowledgeable in the work force compare to me who is in the process of entering the work force.

Through her, I had been at Travelers Insurance in down-town St. Paul a couple of times for career exploration and been invited as guest speaker for educational events that are hosted there. Travelers had know extended and began to help support students in pursuing higher education. I would definately want to work for Travelers Insurance one day and work with the local communities and public school and help more students achieve a higher education.

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