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My FAVE 5 Place on Campus

Favorite place to study....  Walter Library on Minneapolis East Bank!

Favorite place to eat out...  Bum Mi!

Favorite place for my cup of morning coffee...  Caribou Coffee!

Favorite place to hang out with friends... MCEA Center!

Favorite place to hide and relax... Basement of Magrath Library in Saint Paul Campus!


TCF Stadium is the STAR of the night!

tcfBankStadium.jpgI am looking forward to the Vikings game on the TCF Stadium, although I won't be on campus watching the game, I'll be sitting at home watching it and studying for my last final of the year! Good luck to all the Vikings fan who are on campus. Enjoy the snow!

Studying Hard!

It's snowing so hard outside. I'm home studying for finals this coming week. 

The End...

When will the end of the semester swing by? I feel like this is the time in the semester where it is most stressful because as the semester is wrapping up, there are a lot of papers and projects due and at the same time finals are almost here.

My main focus is to get enough of sleep in order to feel and do well. Also, eating healthy things for snack such as fruits will make my body feel a lot better than eating chips or candy.

Today, I am spending my day looking at when some of my papers and projects are due so I will know when and how I should plan my schedule so I will get it done on time. Plus, I am planning my schedule for winter break. At the same time, doing some homework. I also have an online group meeting on GoogleWave tonight.

Good luck to all my peers as we wrap up the semester.
Surprisingly, this morning I woke up at 6am and I would have to say that it's the earliest time I have ever waken up in the summer. I have to drop off my little sister at work then I am planning to head over to the library and study until class start at 9 am.

Today I will be working on my last speech. This last speech is a ceremonial speech and I will be using a speech I did in the past for this project. I did this speech at Travelers Insurance for a large group of high school graduates as they transition to the college life this fall. I will be off of class at noon but had to head over to work this afternoon. I will be writing more later. Enjoy reading!
It's going to be a great day! I don't have class on Friday so I usually spend my morning studying. By doing so, I can get some homework done before the weekend comes around.

Later, heading to work now til 7pm.

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