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Just an update

So this summer has been almost as busy as the school year! I have been applying for a second job and had an interview for a childcare worker at a domestic abuse non-profit organization. I really hope I get the job so I can start working at a job that is relevant to my field. I have still been working for parking- which is nice on these hot days because there is air conditioning. So far I have spent the summer at the beach, biking, going to Duluth, seeing live music and exploring the city. I also plan to apply for a few study abroad options for the upcoming school year! There are so many options that it is hard to choose which program would be the best. All in all, everything is going well and it is wonderful to have a break from homework! 

Things to do this Summer

I always find myself having a tough time thinking of things to do with all of the free time I have in the summer so I decided to make a list of fun things to do in that extra time. These are activities I have already done but would love to do again, along with some that I would love to try! And the best part is...the majority are free or fairly inexpensive. 

Art Stuff: 

The Walker Art Center/Sculpture Garden & Conservatory

The Walker Art Center is right in Minneapolis and every first Saturday of the month, along with Thursday nights from 5pm-9pm, is free admission! And the sculpture garden and conservatory are always free. 

Minneapolis Institute of Arts 

This art museum is donations based only and is located near uptown.It has some really awesome pieces of artwork as well as a great view of the Minneapolis skyline. 

Franconia Sculpture Garden

This free outdoor sculpture garden is located at the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and is definitely worth the drive. There are also a lot of state parks in the area as well as small towns to check out after! 

Uptown Art Fair

Roam the streets of Uptown and look at amazing art pieces in August. 

Outdoor Stuff: 
(Both sculpture gardens listed above are outdoors as well.)

Bike Riding 

See all of Minneapolis with these trails or create your own route!

Hidden Beach

Get some sun or go swimming on those really hot, humid days. 

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation 

Find any park with this website.

Music & Movies: 

Outdoor Music and Movies

I have never attended these but this will be the summer to start. 


Como Zoo & Conservatory

I love this zoo, especially for the gorgeous conservatory. 

Farmers Markets: 

Mill City Farmers Market

Minneapolis Farmers Market

U of M Farmers Market

I plan to visit all of these farmers markets throughout the summer. They are all within biking distance from Dinkytown and the Mill City Farmers Market even has a gluten-free week scheduled! 

Indoor Stuff/Staying at Home/Rainy Day: 

I have been doing weekly crossword puzzles through The Daily and The Onion

There are many cheap used bookstores in the area and there are also libraries close to campus to rent books and CDs at. 

Pick up an instrument
I am going to pick up the guitar again since it has been awhile with how busy school gets. 

Draw/Paint/Make Your Own Art
All you need are some art supplies and your set. 

Hot Humid Summer Plans

This summer I am working full-time at Travelers. I am still in my same role, Community Relations Intern, but just full-time and then in the fall I'll be back to part-time. Other then work, I have been spending a lot of my afternoon at the lake swimming.

I am also taking summer course, which it does not start until mid-July. As of right now, I'm taking a Kaplan LSAT Preparation course offered through the U of M Law School. It's an amazing course with great Kaplan professor and Law School adviser. I'll be blogging more about this because this opportunity to take the LSAT prep-course for free was amazing and I learned so much.

This mid-July, I'll be going to Wisconsin Dells, which I'm quite excited about.

Thank you for reading!


Time Fly...

There will only be a little over 2 weeks left until the Spring semester is OVER! Remember to study hard for all your finals and finish STRONG this semester.

What are some of your exciting plans for the SUMMER?

wishlist_june1.jpgImage from Google

IMG_0998.JPGI'm still strong and smiling! It's getting more and more intense as the time comes closer to an end. This coming week is the last week for summer course and I have to put more time and effort into wrapping everything up for my finals. Also, could you believed it, I am putting in 30hrs/week at work when I need LOTS of study time too!  
IMG_3174.JPGI feel like summer had just started and now July is coming to an end. Today I already went back-to-school shopping (paper, pens, and folders). These early bird sales are a lot cheaper so make sure to catch them while they are still on sale.

Also, can you believed it, I only have two more weeks of my summer course then it's done! The summer times really fly by. I have one last speech for my Public Speaking course to go, a final paper for my Intro to Strategies in Teaching Adults, and creating a website for my Intro to Business and Marketing Education.

flower.jpgI never realized how beautiful the university campus was till this summer when I started taking summer courses.  I even found myself walking from the parking lot to class in the East Bank of Minneapolis, which I would have never done in the winter. During the summer you will find more students riding their bikes or walking around, in comparison to waiting for the university connector buses. Since there are less students on campus over the summer, the mall area in east bank is emptier.

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