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I hope you're all having a great summer so far! There is so much fun to be had during this season in Minnesota. Besides going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and working, I am also taking a summer class on the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus this season.

Some of you may wonder why I would add schoolwork to my summer vacation, but I'm glad I registered for this class. My decision to sign up for a summer class was easy. First of all, I knew I wanted to stay in Minneapolis over the summer. Many of my friends are staying in the city or nearby, I have a great job right on campus, and I have housing in Dinkytown. I figured that since I was going to on campus, I may as well complete one of my graduation requirements.

I am a Marketing major, but I have recently decided to minor in Communications, which is why I chose Comm 3401: Intro to Communication Theory for my summer class. Taking a class is the perfect way to find out if a field of study is right for you. As it turns out, I really enjoy my class, which is exactly the reassurance I need in order to follow through with my minor. The class is about communication history and logic of scientific/communication theories in interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, and electronically mediated communication.

I am glad I chose to take a course this summer. I am able to focus on one class instead of several, and I am able to study by reading my textbook outside and enjoying the sun. I am also only in class for eight weeks, and when the class ends I will still have plenty of summertime to enjoy. Based upon my experience, I encourage you to consider summer class if it is an option for you in your future. I'm glad that I did!

One of the best ways to make a smooth transition from high school to college life is to become involved on campus. The University of Minnesota has more than 600 student organizations for students to become involved with to make new connections and enjoy new experiences. Click here to see a complete list of all the amazing opportunities available to meet new people and develop a new hobby. With a range of sports groups, volunteerism, Greek life, and music, you're sure to find something you can become passionate about at the U of M. In the fall, most organizations work hard to get the word out about their group. Be sure to pay attention and keep an open mind when you are looking for ways to become involved on campus!

A great organization to check out is the We Are...Minnesota Spirit Initiative--a student-run organization with a mission to lead the University of Minnesota community in fan participation, school spirit, and positive behavior. If you're one of the many incoming freshmen who is looking forward to college and the opportunity to join in the Golden Gopher spirit, then the We Are...Minnesota Spirit Initiative may be for you!

The We Are...Minnesota Spirit Initiative features many "Spirit Sections" for several of our Gopher athletics teams. "The Rooter Club" is the spirit section dedicated to inspiring spirit during Golden Gopher football games. The Rooter Club is composed of about 100 members who will lead and coordinate the cheers and chants for the student section. This is a great opportunity to increase your sense of pride, spirit, and belonging in the University of Minnesota. You also gain admission to front-row seats with your free maroon t-shirt, and the chance to be a part of a time-honored tradition. The Rooter Club works with the band and spirit squad to keep the student section going and makes TCF Bank Stadium one of the best football stadiums in the country.  I know that I will be part of the student section this fall, and I look forward to the Rooter Club keeping the winning spirit alive!

The We Are...Minnesota Spirit Initiative features spirit sections for other Gopher athletics teams as well, such as "The Ice Box" for Men's Hockey, and "The Barnyard" for Men's Basketball. If you're an enthusiastic student who loves sports, check out the We Are...Minnesota Spirit Initiative and help initiate new traditions, reward positive fan behavior, create a welcoming and exciting environment for all who attend Gopher Athletic events, and create a more unified atmosphere for University of Minnesota student fans.


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is listen to great music outside and enjoy the sun. This is the season for great concerts featuring amazing bands. Luckily, The Summer Music Festival at Northrop (SMFN) is brought to campus by Northrop Concerts and Lectures each year! The SMFN is a free summer concert series that features popular local bands as well as U of M student bands. By going to any of the events that are offered at Northrop, students and visitors have the chance to see some of the best musicians in the Twin Cities, right here on campus.

Listed below is an overview of some of the events. I know I will be going to at least a few of these concerts! Visit the Northrop Memorial Auditorium website for more information on these and other events. With a line-up filled with all different types of music, you're bound to find something you love at Northrop this summer.

  • Friday Night Live (July 15): The biggest blow-out event, featuring the hottest names in Twin Cities hip hop with Sims from Doomtree and Bight Club.
  • First Ave: TOO MUCH LOVE on Campus (Dates vary): Featuring beats from DJ Sovietpanda from this popular dance party.
  • Movies and Music (Dates vary): The night begins with a concert, and ends with a movie on Coffman Plaza.
  • Noon Concerts (Dates vary): The historic hallmark concerts held on the Northrop Plaza for a refreshing mid-day break.
  • Flash Mob: A surprise performance with a chance to win a free iPod Touch.
  • Northern Spark (June 4): Chris Kallmyer's kick-off concert of the all-night arts festival on the Mississippi River Flats.
  • Voices Merging Summer Open Mic (July 29): The U of M student spoken word group's Summer Open Mic.
  • St. Paul Concerts (Dates vary): Presented by Student Unions & Activities. U of M students perform over the lunch hour at the St. Paul Student Center Garden Terrace.


Asha Sharma, an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota' s Carlson School of Management, has made the most out of her college career. Not only has she completed seven internships, traveled abroad, and participated in Carlson Consulting Enterprise, she has also created her own successful business! Along with her partner and fellow Carlson student, Matt Norris, she opened The A-List--a nonprofit teen center with a mission of entrepreneurship, education, and personal growth.

"The A-list is a social entrepreneurship venture in which teens produce 30 percent of the revenue to support the organization," says Sharma. "It's a unique business model where we provide employment in our snack and apparel business units, and offer education and personal growth opportunities such as daily tutoring sessions, insights on post-secondary education, interaction with business mentors, and fun events like dances and hip hop classes."

Hopefully, this organization will grow and reach out to many communities in need. An opportunity such as The A-list could benefit students in their search toward a career in business, which is a passion that Sharma can relate to. Now, with The A-List, she has accomplished her dream of starting her own business!

"Through combining preparation, drive, and the education provided by the Carlson School, I believe that my peers and I are just as competitive as students from the Ivy League, and consulting, banking, and tech jobs can be ours for the taking if we want them," she says. Sharma's post-college plans include continuing her success with The A-List, but in addition, she will be working full-time in a prestegious position with Microsoft. Sharma received this job after competing with 15 Harvard students for an internship at the company, and proceeding to do so well that Microsoft offered her a permanent spot on their team.

The skills Sharma gained at the Carlson School of Management have helped her gain the competitive edge she had today. Sharma is a great example of the amazing students we have here at the University of Minnesota! After reading the Carlson School News article highlighting Sharma's success, I see her as an inspiration to all students. Watch the video below for more information on how Sharma has "made her own luck."


I remember feeling nervous when I graduated from the College of Education and Human Devlopment in 2008. It was a rough time on college graduates across the counrty in finding employment. Thankfully, with the help of my academic advisor and the University of Minnesota Career Services Centers, I was able to have the guidence to succeed in finding my first professional job after college and was able to begin to establish my career path in Minneapolis, MN.

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities features ten specialized career services centers--one for each of the seven freshman admitting colleges as well as for our graduate and professional programs. Most people think of career services as a place to look for job and volunteer opportunities, but the career services centers at the U of M have a lot more to offer. Whether you're selecting your major or preparing for a job interview, the specialized career counselors can help you explore which career field is right for you, gain professional experience during school, and secure a job after graduation.  Counselors also offer assistance in professional development by holding resume building workshops, mock interviews, and helping students seek teaching and research opportunities.

The best part about our career services centers is that they are available to all U of M alumni for future support and guidance in their career. Whether you are an incoming freshman, or a recent graduate, the career services center is there to ensure that you're hard work and dedication during school is applied to the next step in your life, a fulfilling career!

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