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The University of Minnesota offers a variety of ways for students to gain professional development. With professional experience incorporated into the curriculum, students in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) are provided opportunities to gain professional experience and make connections through networking.

Beyond the classroom, a great way for students to gain additional experience is through our many student organizations. One such group is the CEHD Student Board. The CEHD Student Board is the governing body for all of the CEHD undergraduate student organizations and clubs. Members are able to represent CEHD students, groups, clubs, and organizations in meetings with the dean and other college leadership. Members also build the student community through special projects, events, and activities.

One of the events planned by the student board is called Making Connections. It is a breakfast event held on the morning of the U of M homecoming parade. This event is designed to allow undergradutes to meet with alumni of the college and build connections. 

CEHD Student Board is just one of the many great opportunities for students to get involved at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. To find out more about opportunities to get involved (and to browse our 600+ student groups) visit the Student Unions & Activities website.

The Mississippi River travels through the U of M campus and heart of the Twin Cities, and it is one of our community's greatest assets (and a beautiful one at that!). The University of Minnesota's unique position on the banks of the Mississippi also gives our students the opportunity to use the river for recreation and learning. Currently, Landscape Architecture students in the University's College of Design are studying the river as a prime example of how major cities interact with flooding.

Recently, Kare 11 News published a story showing just how our College of Design students are learning from their surroundings and gaining first-hand knowledge in the process. View the original Kare 11 news article, along with a video on the subject.

This is just one of the many ways in which University of Minnesota students are getting hands-on experience and studying real-world issues. Learn more about how the University of Minnesota is studying the Mississippi River through the River Life program!

My first day of class at the University I was very excited and very nervous all at the same. I had toured campus, attended summer orientation, but that day it became real that I was in college. I had an amazing experience as an undergraduate at the U of M. There is no doubt in my mind that I chose the best school for me.

I have had a blast during the past year working with students and families who are considering the University of Minnesota and the College of Science and Engineering. So, it is with sadness that I announce I am leaving the Office of Admissions to begin a new position. However, I am thrilled that this new position is still within the University! I am so happy that I will remain on campus, working in a different capacity for the College of Science and Engineering.

Seniors, I wish you the best of luck as you make your final college decisions this spring. I hope to see you on campus next fall (and in our CSE Ambassadors meetings!).

I've been asked many times this year why I chose the University of Minnesota. I find it hard to give a succinct answer, because I chose the U of M for so many reasons. This video does a great job of summing up all my answers to that question: Why the University of Minnesota?

So for now...Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu!

Forbes.com recently ranked Minneapolis as the Best City for Finding Employment. The unemployment rate in Minneapolis dropped by 0.7% from 2009 to 2010, which shows that an alread strong job market is improving. However, there are many more factors that contributed to Minneapolis's ranking.

Ajilon Professional Staffing, the recruiting firm which conducted the study, also considered the diversity of industries in the city, the cost of living, the range in size of companies offering employment, and the high level education of residents. These were equally weighed in the rankings.

Jodie Chavez, senior vice president of Ajilon says, "The quality of life in Minneapolis overall also tends to be high. The city has low crime rates and poverty rates and relatively low cost of living while being one of the major metropolitan centers of the Midwest. The Minneapolis-St. Paul market is in somewhat of a sweet spot of offering jobs with relatively high pay while having a low cost of living."

To help CSE students find amazing job opportunities, the College of Science and Engineering has a Career Center for Science and Engineering. The Career Center works specifically with companies hiring in the technical fields. Last fall, recruiters ranked the University of Minnesota within the top 10 best engineering schools, according to rankings in the Wall Street Journal.

University of Minnesota students are truly in a great place to begin their careers!

At the University of Minnesota, our students "do what matters". With over 700 student organizations and countless volunteer opportunities, there are abundant opportunities for students to make a difference on campus, in the community, and around the world. 

The Engage! website helps U of M students connect to engaging opportunities on and off campus. You can search by interest areas and read about current and former students' experiences.

Volunteering can help you develop your professional skills, build your resume and explore potential careers. If you are looking for ways to get connected to the Twin Cities community, check out our Community Service-Learning Office. The office connects students with volunteer opportunities around the Twin Cities.

Whether you're looking for community service projects, student organizations or activities on and off campus, the University of Minnesota has great opportunities for you!

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