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You may have heard of popular music festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Lollapalooza, but have you heard of Acappellooza? 

This past weekend University of Minnesota's men's and women's a cappella groups--7 Days, Basses Wild, and The Enchantments--performed at Macalester College in St. Paul for an annual a cappella music festival. Along with groups from Macalester College and Carlton College, these talented individuals sang some original numbers on Saturday night in front of a great crowd of music enthusiasts.

At the University of Minnnesota, students of all sorts can participate in the performing arts. No matter what you are studying, the University offers a selection of courses for students in music, dance and theater. In addition, the University of Minnesota has a wide variety of student organizations that are dedicated to the fine arts. Check out the University of Minnesota's student groups website to see for yourself!

One of the buildings on the St. Paul campus was renamed this week. The Classroom Office Building (very creative, I know!) is now named Ruttan Hall. The name change was done to commemorate Professor Vernon Wesley Ruttan's contributions to the University and academia. Professor Ruttan was a Regents professor emeritus in the departments of economics and applied economics.

Professor Ruttan concentrated his research on agricultural development. He wrote many books including the classic Agricultural Development, An International Prespective. Ruttan also received the U.S. Department of Agriculture Distinguished Service Award and the Alexander von Humboldt Award for his outstanding contributions to agriculture.

The pictures below are of CFANS Dean Allen Levine and of four St. Paul Ambassadors as they unveil the new Ruttan Hall sign.

Ruttan Hall 3.JPG

Ruttan Hall 2.jpg

I am excited to announce that the Golden Gopher men's hockey season is in full swing!

Hockey is my favorite sport to watch and play. I have had season tickets every year of college and bought them again this year. The beginning of this season has been a little inconsistent, with three wins and three losses, but I think it is going to be a successful year for our team. There are a lot of new players and a number of great seniors to lead the way.

On Sunday, I saw the Gophers beat St. Cloud State University 2 to 1. It was a close game and Mariucci Arena was surprisingly packed for a Sunday game. Mariucci Arena is one of the best hockey facilities in the nation, and Golden Gopher fans are considered by many to be the most spirited in NCAA college hockey. There are cheers and chants for just about every play, which makes for a very fun and loud game.

The games are even entertaining in between periods. The Golden Gopher cheerleading squad performs figure skating routines and of course, Goldy Gopher makes an appearance. There are various contests, such as chuck-a-puck, races, and slapshot contests. And it is always entertaining to watch the mini-mites (children's hockey teams) play a game between periods

Season tickets for students are offered at a greatly reduced price and single game tickets are usually just $15. Students get receive free t-shirts and various promotional gifts throughout the season. My favorite promotion is the Culver's Goal promotion. If the Gophers score six goals, the student section is given free Culver's custard!

It is awesome to be a part of a great tradition like University of Minnesota hockey. I can't wait to see if the team can make it to the NCAA Division 1 tournament, the Frozen Four.

Check out this video to get an inside look at Minnesota Golden Gopher hockey!

This week on Tuesday, October 19, the College of Science and Engineering celebrated its 75th anniversary!  Take a look at our gigantic banner decorating the Mechanical Engineering building:

mech e 75th anniv.jpg

We had a celebration on Northrop Mall for all U of M students to celebrate the amazing innovations which have been produced in the College's 75 years of existence. There were free sandwiches, songs from the U of M alumni marching band, and some CSE students and faculty even showed off their dance moves!

flash mob 75th anniv.jpg

I had a great time watching the dean of CSE walk through the crowd of dancers wearing a U of M scarf! The video of the dance will be posted on the CSE YouTube channel early next week--be sure to check it out.

To learn about some of CSE alumni's accomplishments in the last 75 years, take a look at this video:

At the University of Minnesota, we pride ourselves on innovation and discovery. This is especially evident in the way biology is taught to undergraduate students.Students in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota learn biology by doing biology in the Foundations of Biology course (required of all freshmen biology majors). This innovative sequence of courses introduces students to the many disciplines in the biological sciences and research starting their first two semesters on campus. Through collaborative activities in a high-tech classroom, students learn to apply the scientific method to real-world problems. In fact, this course has gained national recognition as a model for undergraduate education.

On October 13th, Tim Post of Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) covered a story on the University of Minnesota's new active learning classes and how students and faculty feel about this innovative teaching method. In the story, title "Short lectures, lots of interaction in U's new classrooms," MPR explores the Foundations of Biology course. Take a look, and see what you might soon be experiencing here at the U of M as a biology student!

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