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By Dorothy Cheng

Meet Laura Gagliardi, chemistry professor in the College of Science and Engineering:

inventive women.jpg

This photograph of Professor Gagliardi, along with a written statement about her research will be on display at Walter Library along with those of 30 other scientists and engineers.

Inventive Women, a photography exhibit featuring female faculty members from the College of Science and Engineering, is having an opening reception this Friday, September 24, in Walter Library from 3:00-3:30. The exhibit will be open until December 24th. It's free and open to the public, so be sure to check it out if you're around campus. (If you're thinking of doing a campus visit this fall, you could attend our information session and tour, grab some coffee, and then check out the exhibit!)

If you're not able to make it onto campus to see the exhibit in person, take a look at the pictures and written statements online. They are fascinating and inspiring.

This is a really great photo project which showcases the work of our faculty members and displays each in their research labs. Just think--as a U of M student, you could be conducting research with these amazing women in just a few years!

By Matt Sabongi

Did you know that Minneapolis was ranked "Best Bicycling City in the Nation" by Bicycling Magazine? No matter whether you're living on or off campus, getting around the University of Minnesota and the Twin Cities is very easy when riding a bicycle. In fact, according to the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis actually has over 120 miles of bikeways, with 83 of those being off-street bike trails.

I am a big fan of biking. It's a healthy, affordable, and convenient way to get around. When I was living both on and off campus as a student, my bike would take me where ever I needed to go, whenever I needed to be there. Whether I was heading to class, running some errands, or simply riding around the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, biking was always my top choice of transport!

Don't think twice about bringing your bike to campus. The University of Minnesota is extremely biker-friendly! You can find bike lanes and free bike racks all over campus. Check out the U of M Parking and Transportation website for bike maps, rack location, routes, safety tips and repair services.

Everyone knows that you are supposed to follow the food pyramid for a healthy diet, but have you ever wondered if your diet should change at different points of your life, or if you need to eat more or less, depending on your age? There is a class the University of Minnesota that is all about healthy eating for your age and body called Life Cycle Nutrition. The class is in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition in College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

Every person should have a specific diet depending on their age, body composition, immunity, and amount of physical activity. During different parts of the lifecycle, nutritional changes should be made. The course covers everything from sports nutrition for athletes to nutrition for pregnant women.

Students in this class are required to volunteer for five hours at a food-related organization for one of the assignments of the course. The professors recommend many different organizations to volunteer at including Meals on Wheels, a food service for the elderly, and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), a program that gives groceries to low income pregnant women. Through the volunteering assignment, students get an inside look at how this nutritional knowledge is put to good use.

Another one of the assignments is to complete a "nutritional makeover" for someone with a nutritional problem specific to the lifecycle. For example, a child that is a very picky eater or an athlete that is not getting enough calories out of their diet. Students then write a paper summarizing a solution to the individual's problem.

This class is not only beneficial for nutrition majors, but also anyone that wants to eat healthy and live longer!

Ever thought about how people would react if you broke out in song and dance in an everyday environment? Check out what happens when University of Minnesota theater and music student treat shoppers at the Golden Valley Byerly's grocery store to their "Mealtime Hero" skit.



Okay, so it's not exactly improptu, but talk about bringing your education to an environment outside of the classroom! You can also check out some of the other projects students in the College of Liberal Arts are working on at the College of Liberal Arts YouTube page. 

Throughout the year students, faculty and professors will post new videos highlighting the many happenings with the college. Make sure you check back frequently as new videos are posted.

By Zack Haas 

The professional mentorship program in the College of Liberal Arts matches students with working professionals in the careers that our graduates pursue. Through the program students have the opportunity to explore potential careers and build relationships with alumni. The program provides students with an excellent opportunity for career exploration by seeing first hand how the professional world operates. 

Check out what Blake Bensman, a senior studying journalism and mass communication (with an emphasis in professional strategic communication), has to say about his involvment in the program by clicking on the fourth video on the right side of the Discover CLA website. This website also offers helpful links to information about our programs, professors and student life. As you explore you college choices, I encourage you to Discover CLA at the University of Minnesota!

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