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Technical Support Requests

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We are very excited to offer to OIP an online system for IT support requests! We look forward to this system helping us partner with OIP staff in resolving technical issues as quickly as we can, while keeping everyone involved as informed as possible.

To submit a request, visit the Support Ticket web site.

The system allows for the following:

  • Web-based submission of support requests, as well as ability for the submitter to follow progress and actions taken on each request.
  • Automated emails that keep the submitter informed as to progress, status changes, etc.
  • Ability for technology staff to assign tickets via FileMaker, web interface, or special iPhone interface.
  • Use of the UofM's Central Authentication Hub, utilizing staff x.500 for access.

REQUIRED USE: Use of this system will be required to report technology issues that need attention. We want to be consistent in our approach to all requests, make sure that the proper person is getting notified of the status of a request, and have the ability to keep quality statistics on the support we provide. These needs require that each person submits requests in this manner.

  • If a staff member calls with a non-emergency request, they will be asked to submit a ticket
  • If the issue being reported requires a call or email due to lack of access to internet or the system, the staff member will be asked to submit a ticket once the issue has been resolved and they can once again access the system.

EMERGENCIES: Of course there will be requests that need immediate attention. Please do call when you need immediate assistance. Even when this happens, we will ask a staff member to submit a request in the system so appropriate communication, issue tracking, and statistical analysis can take place.

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