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Britain offers $316 million in aid to Ethiopia

      Britain announced Tuesday that it will be responding to Ethiopia's October call for aid for over 6 million starving people with a package amounting to 4 billion birr, the Ethiopian unit of currency, the Sudan Tribune said.

      The UK Minister of State for International Development, Gareth Thomas MP, said that the massive aid package will provide health and education services plus sustainable water and road construction over the next three years, the Global Times said.

      Among other services, the Global Times said, the aid will help fund an effort to enroll 2.8 million children in school, hire 150,000 more trained teachers and provide safe water to 6 million households.

      With assistance coming from Britain, the United States, and the World Bank, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zanawi told the British minister that the international media have made the nation's food shortages seem larger than they actually are, the Sudan Tribune said.

To see images of the drought in Ethiopia, click here.


Ethiopia seeks $175 million in drought aid

The Ethiopian government issued an urgent plea on Thursday for enough emergency aid to feed and care for 6.2 million people, 7.5 percent of its population, The Wall Street Journal said.

According to Oxfam International, a prominent aid group and donor in East Africa, the long-lasting drought has left more than 23 million people in the larger region desperately in need of water and food supplies, the Journal said.

The United States provides about 70-80 percent of all food aid to the country and shipped some supplies in anticipation of the request, The Wall Street Journal said.  A U.S. Embassy spokesman said further contributions are being considered and the specifics of continuing relief efforts will be announced at a later date, the Journal said.

Neighboring countries such as Kenya are facing similar straits. Last week marked a belated rainfall in Kenya that aid agencies warned would be accompanied by flooding, hypothermia and malaria, according to the Times Online, a British publication.

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