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Vikings warn fans to beware fake ticket sellers

     Hundreds of disappointed fans were duped into buying counterfeit tickets for the Monday night Packers vs. Vikings game, prompting the Minnesota team to issue warnings to the public, KARE 11 said.
     The only authorized Vikings football tickets are sold by the Vikings Ticket Office, Ticketmaster and the NFL TicketExchange, according to KSTP TV. Purchasing or possessing fake tickets can be grounds for ejection from the stadium and arrest.

   The NFL has been investigating rings of counterfeit ticket hawkers who operate out of major cities such as Detroit, Atlanta and New York, peddling tickets outside the stadium and on the internet, KARE 11 said.

    One tip from the Vikings, posted on the KSTP TV website, directed fans to examine street purchased tickets for alterations, photocopying marks and proper seating and pricing as cross-checked with a stadium map.

Gopher football players brawl in Dinkytown

     Police responded to calls that 15-20 men, including members of the football team, were fighting by the McDonald's near Fourth Street and 15th Avenue SE, according to a police report.
     Gary Tinsley, a Gopher linebacker, was cited for underage drinking and fleeing police late Saturday night during the rowdy conflict, the Minnesota Daily said.
     Police dispersed the crowd by firing a chemical irritant, kare11 said.
     A University spokesperson would not comment on the case but called it an "internal matter," The Star Tribune said.
     The Gopher athletic director, Joel Maturi, has warned players about the need to guard reputations.
     "It's disappointing when people conduct themselves in a manner inconsistent with that," Maturi said.
     The Daily's article about this uses one source: the police report. It repeatedly presents information then cites the report. The difference between a school paper, however well staffed, and a major daily like The Star Tribune becomes apparent here.
     The Strib was able to get comments from Maturi, the athletic director, and Tim Brewster, the head coach.





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