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Francisco de Paula Antunes Lima, Cinthia Versiani Scott Varella, Fabiana Goulart de Oliveira, Jacqueline Rutkowski, and Patrick McAnaney

Recycling and Social Technologies: The Brazilian Experience of Wastepicker Inclusion in Selective Collection Programs

Manual collection cartThe objective of this article is to discuss alternatives for destination of urban waste, particularly social technologies developed in diverse forms in Northern and Southern nations. Although environmental issues are a global problem, different alternatives are appearing in central capitalist countries and in developing countries. The determining factor of this difference is the size of the internal consumption market, which produces both the waste itself as well as the forms of treatment.

Bernadette Longo

Cell Phones, Social Dynamics, Participatory Research in the DR Congo (and Beyond)

As mobile devices become lighter and more affordable and wireless access continues to expand on campus and around the globe, people are keeping their mobiles as constant companions. Mobiles store vast amounts of data and give us instant access to news, information, entertainment, and social interaction.