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Barbara Nei and Hamil Griffin-Cassidy

Practicing Art and/with Technology

Artist Barbara Nei's work with art and technology began after the September 11, 2001 attacks and the backlash that immigrants felt after that event. Her first project involved projecting student immigrants' writing on a building in South Minneapolis. Later she worked on a video project with students and noticed that all of her students had cell phones. She looked to find a way to use cell phone video cameras. Her introduction video explains this process and also shows a live example of using iPhones to help create narratives on the fly.

Catherine Solheim and Polina Levchenko

Distributed Families

In this segment of the colloquium, Catherine Solheim and Polina Levchenko talk about spouses and others in dispersed relationships who must mediate both technology-enhanced communication and inter-cultural communication.

Donna DeGennaro

Video of the Oppressed

Donna DeGennaro from the University of Massachusetts, Boston joined the colloquium via Skype, from the Dominican Republic. Donna worked on a video project in the Dominican Republic. The first video shows one of the girls that Donna worked with in her home introducing her family. The second girl Donna worked with had a brother who served as a translator. Each of the three girls wrote a story to be created digitally. Donna used Google translator to facilitate discussion when no human translator was available.

Rick Duque

Resiliant Technologies, Knowledge Communities, and Cultures

Dr. Rick Duque along with two of his students (Isabella Wagner and Sonja Weber) research resilient technologies, asking questions such as how can communities and institutions better withstand earthquakes? What role do institutions such as Universities play in helping their communities rebuild after disasters? What kinds of structures and technologies are needed to make communities less vulnerable to widespread disasters?

Raoni Rajao

The Digital Jungle: The Role of GIS in the Sociomaterial Creation of Deforestation in the Amazon

Dr. Raoni Rajao presents his research on the intersections of technology, rhetoric, and deforestation in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. Rajao describes the rhetorical disconnect that happens when Brazilian park rangers try to convince farmers in the Amazon rain forest to stop practices that result deforestation. However, what we in the north call "deforestation", farmers in the Amazon are likely to see simply as "farming." This results in different versions of deforestation clashing with each other. For example, farmers might claim that the deforestation is the result of accidental fire, but rangers argue that if you plant seeds where