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March 6, 2013

Setting yourself straight,

I'm going to be real honest here and tell you all, that, that Senioritis is R-E-A-L. No joke. And I am not the only to be suffering from it. It's a bad case of Senioritis and stress, and it is literally driving me nuts. One piece of advice for you all when you get to your last semester, relax when you start to feel overwhelmed. I know it probably doesn't sound like a good choice, but do it, because you will need it so that you don't overexert yourself and feel really overwhelmed. Slow your life down a bit because it's the best thing you can do for yourself.
Senioritis is a real thing, but the thing that surprises me the most is the fact that my Senioritis in High School, was not as bad as this. Actually, I didn't have Senioritis in High School, I worked really hard in High School. My last trimester in High School, straight A's with all the HP and AP classes. Oh Yeah! I have to say I am still proud of myself because of that, but man college, that is a whole 'nother story.

I think the thing that stresses me out the most right now, is probably what I am going to be doing afterwards. It is literally driving me nuts making me not want to focus. But you know what, I am going to promise myself, that I am going to use my resources to my advantage. I am not going to try to do this alone. So guys, wish me luck! And good luck to those of you graduating this year both from High School, and College (regardless of what diploma you are getting)!

February 13, 2013


As a college student, you figure you kind of have to work a lot to tie a few loose ends, if not all loose ends... In my college career thus far, I have held up to 5 jobs at the same time, and to top it off, be a full time student with decent grades...crazy isn't it? I know, tuition rates going up, and the economy going down, takes a toll on all college students no matter where you are. But now as my senior year is progressing...I'm down to just 2 jobs....amazing huh? Just how the world works. Sometimes even I am amazed at the outcomes of many things...well I guess you could say at all things all the time.

I guess what I'm trying to say too is, no matter how many jobs we have in our college career at the same time, towards the end of it, it will probably dwindle down just because you are so focused on completing everything and actually looking for a "real world job" which not too many people find right away. But from talking to people who have graduated already, have no fear, because you never really know who is watching you. And I have to say for myself, I am scared of what is to come, but I am prepared for it as well, as prepared for it as I will ever be.

Honestly, even with taking classes and going to career services and getting all the help and experience I can, it really does fall right back to Y-O-U! Because it is up to you to take the first step and to trust that you have made the right decision. I met someone the other day who probably gave me the best advice ever about applying to jobs, it never hurts to apply to something you don't exactly qualify for because what employers are seeking, is authenticity. And also from what I have learned and heard over and over again, it is the people you know who will help you or know the contacts of possible positions you can apply for, not your excess level of skills with no network, but your decent amount of skill and network.

Since we are on the topic as well, networking events are always fun to go to and the best things you can do for yourself! Why you ask me, because you get to meet people, people who can mentor you, people who maybe looking to hire, anyone really. The most important thing though, is to bring your resume! Any networking event you go to, I have learned, being your résumé, a notepad and a pen! It really makes you stand out when you hand over your résumé, and take their information if they have no business cards because most likely, you're the only one with a resume --making people remember you intentionally. And having your résumé, just makes you look good and prepared for anything. You never know, you might just get a call back about a job opportunity. Good luck!

February 4, 2013

Senior mid-way experience,

I'm so ready to be done with school! I can't do homework anymore, actually I still can, but that senior slide, let's hope that it doesn't full blown kick in cause that would be bad! But I really can't believe that it's my last semester of college, four years has truly flown by way too quickly.
Now that I'm thinking about it being my last semester, I guess one of the biggest questions that I have for myself is, am I really ready to face the world beyond school? That is a question that I believe every graduating senior is asking themselves, maybe not right at this moment but they will or they have already done so. And to really be honest, I don't know if I am or not. I don't think any of us really know until it happens.

If you're wondering what it is like for me right now, I'm pretty sure I can relate to many graduating seniors. Really just being excited at the beginning of the year, then becoming afraid of what is to happen, making sure that you get all the graduation preparations ready, and then knowing what you'll be doing afterwards. I don't really think you can escape these feelings because I have friends who also are experiencing the same feelings. 

As of right now though, I am worried about what I'm going to be doing after I graduate because like most seniors, I have yet to find a job after graduation yet. I've applied, but no interviews yet, which does kind of scare me a bit. You're probably wondering if I'm choosing to get into grad school too huh? Well, I really don't know what I want my Masters in yet, so I can't answer that for you, but what I do know is, my deadline is Spring 2014. That's when I'll go back to school for my Masters.

January 23, 2013

Work Buddies,

I have to honestly say, I so miss my work buddies. The four of us together. Though we probably used about 1.5 of our staff meetings to just laugh and surf the web...I have to say, I truly miss my old co-workers at the Y. Not that they all have graduated, but they've focused on their majors now, which are very and math based...yeah you can imagine the work load there....

As we have worked together for the past three semesters, four? together, we have grown close to one another and know each other strengths and some weaknesses, circle of friends, etc...Which reminds me....I am way too attached to people, but I suppose it is a part of who I am. But I do miss them a lot. And I really can't wait to see them this Saturday at my program's event. I'm super stoked about it and will post up some photos. :)

January 23, 2013

Winter Break,

I'll have to say, I did work a lot but also had a mini vacation (will post in another blog later) over break. And it's the last winter break I'll have until I go back for my masters! I can gladly say, I'm ready for it all to be over! Super excited to be doneeee! Let's just hope this senior slide doesn't hit, so far so good!

I was so ready to celebrate the holidays and greet the new year, I had to go shopping! Winter break had it good points even though I worked a lot. I got some shopping done, and slept in too. I think that's the best part, though I did wake up early-ish still.

December 6, 2012

Breaking Barriers,

With the program that I work with, breaking barriers has always been a challenge. Through my years of just getting to know people and work, I've found that its natural for people to build barriers or have their walls up to protect themselves. But today, today I broke some cultural barriers. And I feel good. I love getting to know people and the beauty of their cultures. Every culture no matter what it is, is just absolutely beautiful. The language, the clothes, and the people themselves are beautiful people. The struggles that we all have faced or will face, has made very beautiful with impacting stories to tell come into my life and vice versa.

A word of advice for you all, don't let any barriers hold you back from getting to know people, because they could be the most beautiful people you come to know.

December 1, 2012

Hair issues,

So every time after I shower, and do my hair, I always struggle with this thing called voluminous hair. I love love love my hair, but sometimes it gets to be way too much, which is why if you ever see me, my hair is up and away from my face or braided away!

With the exception of today, where I actually did my hair, *sigh, hair problems but not really either. :/

November 28, 2012

Three More Weeks!

Three more weeks and we are done with school! For the semester that is! I'm so ready for Winter Break now! Senior Slide it is...I'm really hoping next semster will be easier, seeing that I am taking only really 2 classes. :) Btw, I have to say, I'm so excited for my Horse Back Riding class next semester! I fell in love with them 2 summers ago working at a Camp. Long story short --they are some of the most gentle animals ever. Literally.

Anyways, back to classes --three more weeks and we are done. Now that reminds me what I still need to get done for this semester...The list goes:

-Final Paper for English

-Paper for History

-Final Paper for Field Studies

-Senior Portfolio for Field Studies

-Self and Site Evaluation form for Field Studies

-Two more exams for Research Methods (including final)

-Final exam for History


And then WINTER BREAK! YAY! I'm excited! :)

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