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February 15, 2013

My Own Personal Study Habits

I think in general I think I am an overall pretty good test taker. I am a decent test taker if anything my averages are pretty good when I take test which is probably the best thing about my test taking skills. What leads up to this is ultimately my studying habits and how well I know the subject.

The number one rule I go by is to not study excessively and especially not before a big quiz or test. My reason being is because I don't like to cram study because when I cram study and finally go take the test I feel unready for it. My philosophy is that I would rather relax before a big test that way I can get the rest I need to take the tests and I feel better about it after I am done taking it.

Another thing is that I think it is just best to know all the information beforehand. Cram long before the test and quiz and review over the week before testing that way the one day before the test can be used for minimal studying and relaxing before the big day.

My second plan is to study before the test in the case that I couldn't find time to study at all. If I couldn't find time to study I would definitely make some time to cram in info. Though I don't like doing this sometimes the situation just doesn't allow time. I do the best as I can as a college student.

Some more things that also helps with studying is too have practice quizzes or tests which are always nice to have. Another thing is to have people you can study with because it's a way to review with each other.

Places that I really like to go study is Keller Hall right behind Lind Hall, MCAE in Appleby Hall, and I like Folwell Hall right on University Ave. These are the places that I enjoy going to the most because I find I can focus well in these places and I sometimes meet friends here so it is a win-win situation.

Back to study time! 

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February 12, 2013

The Story of My New Bought Computer

Around 3 weeks ago was when I had bought my new computer and I finally just got to use it today. It all started when I got it on the 21st of January just waiting for my brother to bring it to Minneapolis that night. I was pretty excited for it and I was really impatient with it because I really needed a computer for school and I had finally just got one. Sadly when we turned it on it didn't work. It did turn on but it didn't boot correctly. Apparently the hard drive didn't work so it didn't boot up like it should. we tried finding solutions for hours but no solution worked for us. I was very disappointed that I got a faulty laptop. It's actually kind of ironic that I got a faulty laptop because the one I got prior to my new computer the screen is faulty and still is faulty to this day. Other  than my own I've been getting hand me downs most of my life. 

So my new computer just came in today and I picked it up all the way from the Fedex at Washington Ave and I live all the way at 8th so the walk there and walk back was very long nearly took me an hour to get home but it was worth the commute. I sent in my computer back to fixed on January 22nd and it finally just came in. I am very sad that it took more than 2 weeks to get it back but I got it. 

So now that my computer is in working order it works perfectly fine and if you are wondering the computer that I have for school is a 15.6" Acer Aspire. I really like it so far and it's the perfect size for me to bring to school as my other computer is just to big for me to bring to class with me. now that I have my computer it'll make my life easier now during class I can take notes on the computer and not have to  worry too much about space and I have access to power points online which helps a lot. So as of now my new computer is going to be my main computer and the one that I have been using is going to go to my brother since he doesn't have a working computer. It is sad that I have to part with my gaming laptop but I won't part with it for too long at all hopefully. 

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February 11, 2013

The "Almost" First Month of School

So lately I have just finally kind of caught up in my classes and definitely having a harder time now than I have had for awhile. Just recently I visited my High School and went to go talk about my college experience to the senior college possible class and visited some teachers. I tell them that it is tough and that it is tougher than first semester by far. Sometimes I feel like I exaggerate when I tell them to keep reading while they can because I regret not reading more when I was a child. Back to what I was talking about though I finally just kind of caught up in classes but I am doing my best to be ahead and after I realized that I need to stay on track my whole day consist of going to class then when I'm done I go to Keller Hall to go study. 

Some of the classes I'm taking require a lot of reading like Global History, University Writing, and my lecture classes. In general there is a lot of reading that I need to do and in all honesty not really ready for the pace but regardless I have to get stuff done so study it is. So far in terms of grades so far I think I am doing decent but just hanging in there and trying to get as much sleep as I can because I know that last semester I didn't do too well with sleep at all which was really bad and took a toll on my grade. This semester I hope and will do better, I  am very determined to do so at the moment. 

I think in terms of studying my first place contender for a place to study is definitely Keller Hall because it has good wireless and is very comfortable. My second place contender is probably Folwell Hall because it's really quiet there and the rooms provide a good studying atmosphere. These places are definitely places that I like study on my down time and since I am staying on campus full time I will be at these places most of the time now. I am making a lot of time for studying now so my basic schedule is going to be go to class, study, and work. 

January 31, 2013

My Winter Break

My winter break was quite refreshing and nice but I honestly felt it dragged on, still I can't complain about a month long break. I was happy class was done with for a month and I had my time for myself. I went to work most of the time and enjoyed my time back at Saint Paul with my family. It was a nice change of pace to have a lot time for myself again. 

I went to work 3 days out of the week stayed home most of the time baby sitting the kids. I even decided over break to get a new Laptop for school (since I can't bring my home laptop with me to class) and I bought one. Sadly that story will have to wait another time. But overall went out a couple of times hanging out with some of my closest friends eating out at my new favorite place, Pagoda's right hear in Dinkytown where I live. Occasionally I came back to Minneapolis to spend the night. After being at home for winter break I was happy to be back in apartment. 

Though I didn't do too much over winter break I enjoyed the change of pace from waking every morning to go to class to being able to get in the extra 2 hours of sleep I've been needing. Since we're back my sleep schedule is place, school is back in my head, and Break is over so now I have to step my game up and finish the rest of year strong. 

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December 10, 2012

End of First Semester Thoughts @ The U

The semester is almost done and I can't help but think that time is going by faster than I had anticipated. This school year for me went by pretty fast this year and maybe it's schedule, not having to be in class for 7-8 hours a day. College is a totally different ball game compared to high school and after this first semester experience I will be more prepared for next semester. Thought I was prepared for this first semester of school but really I was holding myself back so I really need to finish the semester strong. 

Honestly I was considering maybe going to a two year because I didn't really know if I was ready for this college experience but I thought hard and I decided that since I'm already here I will persevere and continue my education here at the U of M. I really like the U and I don't want myself holding myself back be the reason for me leaving the U. 

Going to better things, I only ave one final to take which is a relief. I think multiple finals would be overwhelming for me but I should get used to it soon because it is not going to get any easier. Otherwise the final so far so good just have to be ready to take that final and do well on it then right after comes the start of my winter break.

I think overall my experience here at the U was really great so far and met a lot of new people and made new friends. After being here for the past couple months it really has change my opinion about the U. Didn't really like it at first before I was admitted but now I really do enjoy it and do not regret coming here. The U of M is a really great place and it is a really great school for me. 

-Randy Xiong

December 9, 2012

The Winter Times Are Here!

Right now I am back at Saint Paul with my family hoping to make it back to Minneapolis but sadly the snow is keeping me from getting there. The weather is just too bad to allow me to actually get back and I don't know how I am going to make it to class tomorrow if there is class tomorrow. Luckily I have all material for classes and studying for finals next week so I won't be too far behind from this snow. 

I am wondering if Minneapolis is just as bad as Saint Paul right now. It seems like the snow hit all around the Metro and many other places in Minnesota. To be honest it's kind of refreshing to see all the snow in December. I remember seeing snow last year but it would all melt the next day which made it less of burden for everyone. I barely had to shovel last year. 

This snow is keeping me from getting back to where I need to be but I can't let it stop me from finishing off the semester as best I can. So I will be on track with my studying to make sure that my semester ends well. 1 week and a few days is all until semester ends and I have to end it on a strong note!

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November 9, 2012


Tuesday was Election Day and it marked the day that I voted for the first time in my life! I've never voted for something this big before so it was quite an experience for me. With my vote it is always good to know that I have contributed and being accounted for with my vote. To be honest I didn't know if I really wanted to vote. After learning more about the election and what was going going around at the time I was totally convinced that I really should take a stance and vote on issues that are important to me. I was also inspired by students at my high school who were doing their best to make a difference when they themselves couldn't vote. I was inspired by them to make a difference by voting being a voice for them. Every vote does make a difference.

Later that evening after voting was done I went back to the house and went to relax. For a few hours the power was perfectly fine until lights started to flicker. Around 8:40pm the power started to die out and then we finally lost power at our house. I looked outside and noticed that the power was out for the whole block. I kept telling my room mates the power was totally out for the whole block except for 3 houses across the street. 

My room mates and I decided to not stay in the house so we ended up going back to campus. While driving out to our destination we noticed that all of Dinkytown was totally out also which was surprising, I even found it funny that McDonalds was also out of power. We went to Keller Hall to study and wait until the power was back on. So we gather our things for our little adventure to Keller Hall. In all honesty I enjoyed this experience because I got to enjoy spending time with my room mates outside of the house. We just made the best of our time their studying and watching the election results. We ended up staying for about 3 hours even when we were notified that the power was back on which was about an hour after we left.

One thing that I definitely will take from this experience is to expect the unexpected in the college life.

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November 9, 2012

My blog thus far...

To all the CEHD Student blog readers, I am truly sorry for the time I was gone as most of the time in which I was absent I was studying for my exams and work. I am going to get back on a regular blog schedule since everything has slowed down a bit and I am more composed coming out of studying and work. But so far I am doing well and getting back on track. I look forward to writing more about my first year experience here at CEHD.

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