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Lessons learned - the end of year 1
With the end of the year basically here (I just have a 5 page paper standing in the way of freedom), I wanted to share some reflections about my first year here at Carlson: specifically, what would I have done differently?

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Improvising and Presenting
Sometimes, during my more vain moments, I daydream about giving some big public performance, like a super emotional speech in front of thousands. Or I'm playing King Richard III, in some giant theatre. Or I'm the amazingly good sounding (and looking) singer at the local karaoke place. Daydreaming is great.

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Before deciding to go to Carlson, everyone warned me about the Minnesota winter.

"Nonsense!" I thought. For you see, Washington DC, my home for 3+ years, had been its usual hot mess that summer. I WANTED some cold in my life. I would take anything other than temperatures in the 90s and 100% humidity. The Minnesota winter sounded like an oasis. No more sweating because of the heat! No more sweating because of all the people on the metro! No more sweating because I was embarrassed by sweating!

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As I look back at my first year in the Carlson MBA program, I am amazed by the amount of growth I experienced both personally and professionally. So much has happened in such a short period of time. It seems like just yesterday I was looking around at over 100 strangers from all different backgrounds and geographies, none of us knowing what to expect of each other and all uncertain of what the next year would bring.

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Thumbnail image for images.jpgThis isn't my first time blogging about Carlson's support for military men and women, and it probably won't be my last - I take a lot of pride in our growth in and recognition for the support we provide our military veterans.

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