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Before deciding to go to Carlson, everyone warned me about the Minnesota winter.

"Nonsense!" I thought. For you see, Washington DC, my home for 3+ years, had been its usual hot mess that summer. I WANTED some cold in my life. I would take anything other than temperatures in the 90s and 100% humidity. The Minnesota winter sounded like an oasis. No more sweating because of the heat! No more sweating because of all the people on the metro! No more sweating because I was embarrassed by sweating!

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After taking time to reflect on my summer and internship experiences to date, I noticed that as my list of personal and professional contacts continues to grow, I am struggling to manage this ever expanding social network.

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If you've been researching Carlson, then you've probably picked up on the "community" theme. That sense of a shared bond and the mutual support it entails was important to me when I was considering business schools. I expected students to have the kind of trust and collegiality that enables them to take risks and to challenge each other in the classroom. I also expected alumni to talk about how their business school networks opened doors for them later in their careers. What I didn't consider, though, was how that sense of community would impact the experience of interviewing for internships.

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