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After taking time to reflect on my summer and internship experiences to date, I noticed that as my list of personal and professional contacts continues to grow, I am struggling to manage this ever expanding social network.

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I once heard a joke: "There are four seasons in Minnesota: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction." Funny, and sometimes it feels true (especially in the dead of January), but in reality, one of our best assets might be summer. So much to do, so much to see, and plenty of time to fit it all in. Thinking about coming to visit? Now might be a good time to drop by!

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Welcome to the West Bank

Whenever I give a tour of Carlson to a prospective student, I like to start with a "fun fact"; my favorite fun fact is a rumor I heard on my own tour last year: Carlson, a very uniquely-shaped building, was designed to look a bit like a boat, because Mr. Carlson himself was a big fan of sea-faring activities (which makes his residency in the land-locked Minnesota a bit of a conundrum), nonetheless, the building was built in the late nineties with the tip of its bow pointed to the heart of downtown.

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