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One of the most interesting topics that came about after listening to the lectures from class and reading chapter 8 of our textbooks was the concept of language. Obviously language has many aspects and can be rather arbitrary. But the concept that peaked my interest was the part that touched on sign language. The reasoning behind my interest is because of two reasons, the first is because my uncle is deaf and second is because I watched my cousin use sign language before he could produce words.

Baby sign language touches on two very important topics we learned about. One is the ability to communicate through hand gestures. The other topic demonstrates how babies are able to communicate before they are verbal. At first when I heard of this I was somewhat skeptical. How can a baby tell me it wants more food, or is too hot? But I witnessed it first hand when I lived with my Aunt and Uncle. When baby Zachary was eating he finished his food and then my uncle pressed both of his hands fingers and thumbs together to signal "more". Zachary did the same hand motion; he was given more food and ate it all.

When researching however there seems to be a lot of websites that offer DVD's and strategies for baby signing. If I were in a position to teach a child baby sign language I would have to do an extensive amount of research to find a good technique. But the ability to communicate with your baby before it is able speak is pretty incredible. Not to mention that you could potentially prevent crying tantrums by understanding what your baby wants or needs. Here are several websites that have information about baby sign language.

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What do you think of the claim from one of the websites that b/c they used baby sign language, their daughter learned verbal language more quickly? Do you think there is any research on the benefits of using baby sign language?

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