common sense can be misleading

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More people die annually from donkeys than from plane crashes. That is a fact. It may come as a surprise to most of you because donkeys are not known as violent animals and plane crashes are such traumatic events that rarely leave survivors. Plane crashes create waves through the media when they occur and are also featured in fictional media much more than death do to donkeys. They may be more of a regular story in the media and therefore may be talked about more but that has to do with the fact that it is more news worthy and not because it is more common or likely to happen. Millions of people are some what scared when flying in a plane and i would say very few would be scared for their lives being around a donkey. The fact of the matter is both situations are extremely safe. Common sense has people thinking that a plane crashing is some what of a possibility, and no one would think of dying from a donkey as one. Both are beyond rare but it is clear that the media has a large influence in our judgment of what we consider possible threats. That is why this is an example of why common sense can be misleading.

I read on the internet that more people are killed annually from donkeys than from plane crashes. Most would find this stat to be surprising because donkeys aren't known to be violent animals and also because plane crashes kill multiple people at a time and are such dramatic events. Millions of people fear the possibility of crashing when flying in a plane and i would say very few people fear dying when being around a donkey. Most would say that both situations are extremely safe. Plane crashes are in movies and T.V. shows. When they do happen they create a lot of press and send waves through the media. While I'm sure a death to a donkey is sad and also strange it is not put out in the media as much and people remain unaware of the event. Common sense can be misleading and this is a prime example of that. Media likely was largely influential in shaping most perspectives into thinking plane rides create more deaths than donkeys do.

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How does this idea of common sense, or the idea that we think a plane crash is more common than being killed by donkeys, tie into some of the principles we are learning in psychology?

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