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What I'll Remember from Psych 1001 5 Years From Now
What makes humans happy?

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5 years in the future, when I'm graduated from the University and trying to make a job in the event planning industry, I'll need psychology to help understand people, but also in my life in general. One thing I know will stick with me is the blurb about what makes us, as humans, happy. The section discusses that monetary value doesn't lead to happiness, growing unhappier as a result of growing old, west coast people are happiest and that what events transpire doesn't completely correlate to personal happiness.

I would love to be rich and live on the West Coast, but that doesn't guarantee a satisfaction in life either. The media makes it seem so, and it is in fact availability heuristic. I may be young now and enjoying my youth, but eventually my skin will wrinkle and hair will turn gray, but that doesn't have to correlate either. How one thinks in their mind about their situation is what correlates to happiness. In fact, as a woman in particular, sleep quality and quantities are great predictors for happiness, and older adults tend to be happier than younger ones anyway! I think this concept is a positive one to remember well after this semester.

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