barney vs power rangers

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I too use to watch both barney and power rangers. When my mom and I were looking through old family videos (VHS) we found one of me watching Barney. I was in my diaper with my bottle and security blanket in my hand, dancing and completely entranced by the songs, just like those little children in the video that we watched in class. My mom asked me(in the video) who was on tv and i said, "my friends" and kept on dancing with the song that they were singing, i think it was the kookabara song, if i remember the video correctly i haven't watched it in a couple of months. If we had a digital copy of it i would post it as an example but alas it's STILL on VHS.

I think that Barney had a positive effect for me. Although I have been called a sweetheart all the time and very good with children(that's the positive part), there is a negative part as well. I am a minor pushover, I try to make everyone else happy before me even if it means doing something that I don't want to do, like having sex. I think that if I would have watched more Power Rangers than I did, I would have learned at an earlier age how to stand up for myself and then maybe my childhood wouldn't have been such a difficult time.

My group, after watching the video agreed that president obama should regulate but almost make it a little mandatory to help teach children that it is okay to stand up to the bad guy and defend your self. Yes violence isn't the answer but that would be what the other television show(in my case Barney and My Little Pony) would teach.

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Do you think there might be other explanations besides Barney that led to your personality?

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