Losing weight is not that simple


Now days there countless number of ways in which people claim you can loose weight. The simplest ones include just taking a pill once or twice a day and you will magically loose the weight. Or other ones claim that by taking a certain group of foods, such as carbohydrates, out of your diet will help you shed the extra weight. Well this is not always the case. The book talks about how to evaluate claims on diets and weight loss plans. There are many different signs that can lead to you to conclude that this diet or pill is probably not going to work the way you think it will. When people market products they tend to leave of specific details to make the information sound better. There are also a lot of extraordinary claims out there saying that they lost a huge amount of weight in a very short time, well if you have taken any science or nutrition classes you would know that one, this is not a healthy way to loose weight and two, that its probably not going to happen for everyone.
What these adds are also not sharing is what happens when you stop taking the pill or stop following the diet plans. Most people don't plan on being on this no carb diet forever or taking a pill everyday for the rest of their life they figure that they will do this weight loss plan till they reach their ideal weight and then go back to what they did before. Well it doesn't usually work that way. Once you stop taking the pill or start eating unhealthy foods again your body will probably gain the weight back. The best way to loose weight and keep the weight off is to make a lifestyle change. This includes eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Diets and pills are an temporary and easy fix but most of the time don't last forever.


What made you decide to write on this topic this week? Why do you think so many people buy into the idea of these weight loss pills?

I think if more people knew how losing weight effectively can change your life, then people wouldn't resort to quick methods that just don't work in the first place.

The reason people pop these pills is because they are lazy and need a quick fix. We are after all living in a time when people want instant gratification. The hard truth is that these work for s fleeting moment and then they are back on square one.

I read a post that compares 5 common weight loss methods. Check out the surprising quickest way to lose weight..

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