Violence and Video games/TV shows


This last week we talked about the relationship between violence in the community and violent video games and tv shows. I personally do feel that violence is caused by video games and tv shows. My personal experience was when I was younger I would watch Powerangers every day. I saw every episode of all of the different versions of the show. I remember my sister and I playing out the characters with our friends. Back then though we knew that the show was fake, so we knew not to hit each other while playing the game. On this website by pbs, they state 8 myths about video games and children violence. The very first myth says that "The availability of video games has led to an epidemic of youth violence." It states that the actual juvenile statistics of violence is at a 30 year low, and say that people that are convicted of crimes report to have low media viewing. This goes back to the Nature vs Nurture argument, when a parent is abusive to their children it is, a lot of the time, because of growing up in a abusive family.. This is why I believe that there is not a relationship between violence and video games.


It seems like the article you cite actually provides evidence against your opinion. What sorts of evidence is there that violence is caused by video games?

I can't see any evidence as well

Ok Oyna

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