5 years, human development

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I was extremely fascinated by the human development. I think the concepts of human sexual relations and a woman's body adapting to pregnancy are very interesting. In chapter 10, sections 10.3- 10.6 were possibly my favorite out of the entire book. The photos of the embryo, fetus, and the recognizably human form were very mesmerizing. Normally, I would see these photos in a icky email forwards where they are really unappealing, but seeing them in the text book, where they belong for informational purposes was really exciting for me. What also stuck with me was that the brain starts developing after only 18 days of fertilization! Can you believe that?!
Motor development also was pretty interesting, especially the factors that influence it. Some of the key factors were physical maturation, which depends on the child's body weight. Cultural and parenting practicing were huge factors in development. Many babies are swaddled because it resembles much of the mothers womb. This occurs a lot in Peru and China. I liked the concept of reaching for a cup of coffee and how many physical adjustments our body has to make before we are able to do that, and how much physical maturation we must have developed before we can do certain things. I think its really cool that our bodies can adapt our physical abilities to almost any situation. Many of these movements depend on our weight, and maintaining a healthy weight is key to have exceptional motor and physical ability.

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The development of the human beings is definitely a miracle of the nature and one of the most fascinating events that have changed the course of the history. As I used to say the most significant revolution is the sexual one. Wonderful post!

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