Conformity is Forever

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Maybe it's because this concept is most fresh in my mind, but one idea I have learned in this course that I think I will definitely remember 5 years from now is the idea of conformity and social psychology. As someone who aspires to work directly with people in some sort of counseling position, social psychology and the way individuals behave completely fascinates me. I am especially interested in how people influence others and how the actions within a group are reflected by the actions of individuals. Since we are such social beings, it is inevitable that we will all conform in many, or at least some, ways.

This idea is particularly interesting to me because I feel like conformity is quite a sub-conscious thing I have done. For example, if I spend enough time around a group of people or a friend who uses certain expressions or tones of voice, I find that I begin to use them to. At the same time, if that group of friend thinks one way of another person, take a teacher for example, and until that other person brought it up I had no opinion of that teacher, I find myself agreeing with them on everything they were saying. The actions and decisions of others affect our lives probably stronger than our own actions and decisions to. It is very interesting for me to learn about and examine how we interact and interpret what other people.

Conformity brings about the whole idea of "trendiness" too. Is a trend really anything beyond one person influencing another who in turn influences another and so on and so forth? I am not critiquing those who conform, like I said before it is inevitable, but it is such a complex idea that I know I will spend much time contemplating, especially as I try to make sense of very personal actions and life choices other people have made or experienced. All humans are equipped with free will and the ability to reason and decide within their own mind, so isn't it strange how often we rely on the actions of others?

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