Correlation Equals Causation?...That's Not What I Learned...

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Throughout the semester I have heard over and over again that correlation between two things does not mean that they are the cause of each other. Because I have heard it so much, I honestly feel that if I remember anything from PSY 1001 it would be that.
Knowing that correlation does not mean causation could potentially be helpful in the future. I plan on going into sales and it may be good to keep in mind that there can be more than just one factor that determines how well or bad a product sells. For example if the product sells well and we think that it's because we offer the product at a lower price than the competition, we should remember some psychological and economical principles. There may be multiple factors that contribute to how well our product is selling.
Also, knowing about how correlation does not mean causation has taught me that just because I do okay on a practice exam, that does not necessarily mean that I will do well on the test. I will definitely think of PSY 1001 when it comes to taking practice exams for classes in the future.

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