Jersey Chasing? It's only natural.

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This semester I was very intrigued by Chapter 11 in the book: Emotion and Motivation. In particular, there was a section named Attraction, Love, and Hate: The Greatest Mysteries Of Them All. What I found fascinating in this section was the fact that they explained the differences in what men and women find attractive in each other. Obviously, I thought, this could help me out in the future! The book explained that women have to put more time and effort, or Parental Investment as the book says, into having offspring than men do. In turn, women look more for partners with status and the ability to provide. Men, on the other hand, look at health and attractiveness more than anything else.

I thought this was quite funny because I kind of agree with it. Whenever I like someone or think they are cute, all my friends totally disagree! Literally every single time I like someone, everybody else thinks he is ugly. This shows that I am less into what a guy looks like. I'm not necessarily into how 'popular' a guy is, but I definitely am interested in how well rounded and well he gets along with other people.

This trend is also very prevalent in the media, especially with shows such as Basketball Wives and Football Wives. These shows are solely based on the fact that gorgeous women with beautiful bodies are dating, not necessarily good-looking men, but men with fame, money, and status.


It may seem very superficial, but the idea that men look for beautiful women and women look for men with status all has to do with the biology of sexes.


Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding (Scott Lilienfeld, Steven Lynn, Laura Namy, and Nancy Woolf)

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