"P" is for "Paja" & "Psychology."

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It's been a crazily amazing first semester for me as a first year undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota. PSY 1001 and psychology itself has given so much more input with a broader outlook on human nature and why we think, and behave the way we do.

I have touched based on familiar concepts that I have learned throughout my high school years, and I've also acquired so much more, adding on to my new knowledge and emphasizing the different concepts that are related to not just the course itself, but also to everyday life.

I know for a fact that I will remember many concepts five years from now. However, I think the concepts on personality will always give me insight to not just my life, but to the lives of others. From my previous blog, I've talked about my interests in personality, and in all honest truth, the topic of personality itself will always amaze me. Digging deep into it will leave us with complex thoughts and questions that will leave us curious with the will to understand more. Then again, that is an aspect of psychology that will always leave us looking for more answers regardless of what it may be.

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