The Biology of Sleep

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After the completion of PSY 1001, no other concept will remain as interesting to me as the concept of sleep in Chapter 5, The Biology of Sleep in the Lilienfeld text. For years I have continuously had interesting dreams. I constantly dip in and out of dreams and always wondered how and why they happened. After reading the Lilenfeld text and learning about sleep in lecture, I am now able to share my knowledge of sleep with others. I know that there are five stages of sleep. In stage 1, I know that my brain is powering down by 50% and I am more relaxed and scrambled, bizarre, and dreamlike images flit in and out of my consciousness. During stage 2 of sleep, my body temperature decreases, my muscles relaz and my eye movements ceases. This is where I spend 65% of my sleep. In stages 3 and 4, I am in a much deeper slow-wave sleep. In stage 5 is where I experience REM sleep, the stage in which sleep during which the brain is most active and during which vivid dreaming often occurs.

I also know that when I become aware of my dreaming, I am experiencing lucid dreaming. This happens to me often, and now that I have taken the course, I can finally understand what this concept is and put a name to my experiences when I share them with others. Also, I will be able to tell them that the theory that our dreams only occur in a few seconds is false. It is more likely that if I felt I was dreaming for 45 minutes, I actually was dreaming for that amount of time.

Lastly, because of the psychological concept of extraordinary claims, I will not be prone to believe so quickly the dream theories that psychics predict about your dreams.

I am extremely happy that the concept of sleep, amongst several other PSY concepts and ideas, are ones that will remain with me for a long time. I am glad that I will be able to share my newfound knowledge with others!

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