Blog 1, Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 is about our personalities. This chapter looks at what shapes our personalities, the effects certain events can have on our personalities, some theories about personalities, and some models about personalities. First, the chapter looks at studies done on twins and people who were adopted to see the effect that genetics has on our personalities and the effect that the environment has on our personalities. Then, the chapter moves into looking at Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic theory of personality and his structure of personality: the Id, Ego, and Superego. After breaking down Freud's theory and knowledge about personalities, the chapter goes into the connection between behavior and personality and then looks at models of personality. Lastly, the chapter looks at different assessments done to test and study different personalities. What I found was the most interesting in this chapter about the studies done on twins. I was surprised by the conclusion that genetics had a larger role in shaping personalities than the environment people grew up in and were surrounded by in their lives. I thought that genetics would have a large impact, but I also thought that the environment would have a large impact too. But when looking at the study comparing twins who were raised together and twins who were raised separate for one another, it supports the findings that genetics plays a larger role in how our personalities are shaped.


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I have always been curious about twin studies. It's interesting that genetics plays a bigger role than the environmental impact does. I wonder if there are any cases of identical twins that grew up and were completely different.

It is interesting that in many cases (intelligence, personality) genetics plays a bigger role than we think. Of course, there are some environmental impacts as well, but our genes really do impact who we become!

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