Blog 1: Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception

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This section delves into the processes of sensation and perception; sensation being the detection of physical energy by our sense organs: the eyes, ears, skin, nose, and tongue which relay information to the brain, and perception being the brain's interpretation of these raw sensory inputs. Simply put, sensation causes us to experience our surroundings/environment and consequentially perception provides us with the tools to assemble said signals into something meaningful. Naturally, due to naïve realism, we are lead to believe that our sensory systems are definitive and therefore our perceptions of the world around us are "perfect" representations. In this chapter, we develop a deeper understanding of why the world is and isn't precisely the way we see it. I found this chapter striking because as a dancer (and person), I am constantly observing my senses to better understand the effectiveness of the body-mind relationship which in the dance world actively includes sensation and perception. Dance engages a developmental and refining process of my creative and critical abilities and sparks passionate curiosity to explore and examine dance far beyond its inherent physical characteristics--such as the concepts Chapter 4 encompasses: sensation and perception.

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Nice tie in to dancing...I think perceptions in dancing can be different both for the dancer and the observer.

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