Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 talks about the developmental psychology and the stages of human. The first thing that struck me was the Genain quadruplets' story. The quadruplets expressions of schizophrenia were varied. The question of why the four girls' differences and ranges of severe are left unanswered. It was interesting to see how they contain the same DNA; however, their disorders can be varied within them. According to "Psychology; From Inquiry to Understanding", chapter 10, the Genain quadruplets all have schizophrenia, however, because of the environmental variables made them so different. One of the things that the book made a hypothesis of was that because of their mother's behavior towards her children were different. She favored the two girls, which they are found to be better than the other two, and that may caused the two girls to become closer to normal. Because of the importance of parents' role to make successful children, I linked that to the Asian parents. Typical Asian parents treat their child very strict, which I think that makes the child to become more timid and less out-going. Parenting their child is very essential and may cause disorder to be better or worse.

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It seems this is one of the biggest debates in psychology, whether we talk about intelligence, personality or mental disorders...What is due to genetics and what is due to environment?

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