Chapter 16: Psychological and Biological Treatments

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Chapter 16 is all about psychology in action. It examines the ways that psychology is used as treatment to alleviate emotional suffering, and improve the wellness and quality of life of those that undergo it. It explores many different fields of psychotherapies, from interpersonal therapy (think of life-coaching) to Alcoholics Anonymous. It also examines the dynamics of psychoanalysis, and what makes an effective psychotherapist. It then delves into biomedical therapies- medical prescriptions, electrical stimulation, and surgery, and why they are a last resort.

I thought the most interesting part of the chapter was electrical stimulation. I always thought shock treatments were dangerous, medically unproven, and, more than anything, no longer used. Like many, I thought these things because of Hollywood- movies often liken shock treatments to horrific torture (SEE LINK BELOW). The chapter sheds much needed light on the fact and fiction of electroconclusive therapy, or ECT for short. Turns out Hollywood wasn't that far off. ECT is still practiced today, but only in extreme situations, and is a very last resort.

Jack Nicholson receives shock therapy in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

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I am fascinated by ECT as is used much differently today than in the past. I did some research on it once for a class presentation. I've also had many clients have it for a treatment. I think what is most scary about it for me is that we don't know why it works...

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