Chapter 8: Language, Thinking and Reasoning

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Language is what separates humans from all other species on the plant. It allows us to communicate, express thoughts and form relationships. Chapter eight is all about the phenomena of language. It explains exactly what language is, how it affects our thoughts, and how it effects out reasoning. The chapter also talks about how language came about, the different components to language, and different stages of its development. I found the section on bilingualism especially interesting because I grew up in a bilingual home. It focused particularly on how children who grow up learning two languages are affected, answering questions like how does it hinder their progress in learning language and how does it affect other areas of learning; I found the information related very closely to my experiences growing up in a bilingual environment. Towards the end of the chapter the focus is shifted from the logistics of language to how to effectively use it. We all know that language is what separates us from other animals, but few people really take the time to truly understand language which is what chapter eight is all about.


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I liked your post, it gave a good overview of the chapter and pointed out the interesting parts.
Adding a personal touch made the blog more interesting as well!

I found the chapter you were asked to look at very fascinating. I'm in a linguistics class right now so the the study of languages is especially interesting to me! I like how you added your own personal touch to the post by mentioning that you are bilingual. Very good post!

What other language are you fluent in? I learned another language in the Peace Corps and since them am fascinated by them as well. You say language separates us from animals...Do you think animals have language?

I am fluent in Serbian! My parents are immigrants from Serbia, so I actually knew Serbian before I knew English. What language did you learn in the Peace Corps (very cool by the way!!)

I think animals have a language in the sense that they have a way of communicating with each other, but humans just have a much more advanced system of communication.

I love reading about bilingualism as well. There was a recent article from NY times about bilingualism (march 17, 2012 article I believe). The article mentioned how bilinguals were actually smarter because they can control their pathways of one language and the other. Of course, monolinguals can do this too but bilinguals are more prone to this automatic switch and advancement.

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