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Chapter 9 covered intelligence and IQ testing. Intelligence was really interesting, they call general intelligence "g" and there are many different theories about "g." A few ways "g" is interpreted is that some people are simply smarter than others, personally I think this is true, some people just seem to be naturally smart. Three different types of intelligence are fluid, crystallized, and multiple. I never thought there were ways to separate intelligences, but I think it's good that there is. It's crazy to think about all the different way everyone's brains function. This chapter also touched on the relation between intelligence and the size of ones brain, or parts of their brain. Also, calculating IQ doesn't seems as difficult as I thought it'd be, The most commonly used IQ test now is the WAIS, with more of a focus on verbal abilities. Something I thought was the most interesting in this chapter was the bit on SAT, ACT, and GRE college admittance tests. It is said that these college admissions test do not predict how the students grades will be in college, this made my day hahah but it really is interesting because even though they say the tests aren't a correct indicator for student's success in college they still don't think the tests are useless. That is very interesting to me.


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I actually have some articles that either advocate for using the SATs and for discarding the SAT. Let me know if you are interested!

When getting to the point in your post talking about college entrance test, my mind instantly jumped to polar opposites. On on side you have to kids that did very well in high school yet seemed to do badly on these tests, and on the other you have to kids that did poorly in school and did quite well on these tests. I also think about kids that are very smart, but not in school. I wonder how it is right that colleges use these test that only test, as you and the book said, one aspect of intelligence.

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