Human Development (Ch. 10)

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When I hear the word development, in relation to human beings, my thoughts immediately jump to physical development and how our bodies grow and change as we get older. This chapter in the book, however, reminded me just how much developing our minds do as well. What I liked most about this chapter is how in depth it went into studying what brings about these mental and physical developments and how they are different for each and every individual. One example in particular that the book uses is how all babies experience the same motor milestones in the same order, but the time it takes each baby is different depending on both the physical development of the child itself as well as environmental factors, such as parenting practices and cultural beliefs.

Another thing that this chapter brought to my attention was just how much outside influences affected our development, both physical and mental. At the beginning of the chapter a case study involving the Genain quadruplets is mentioned. These identical sisters all developed schizophrenia, but at different stages in their life. I think this is fascinating evidence of how much outside influences, be it certain events or interactions with other individuals, can affect how a person develops. I also thought that this was a strong argument for the Nurture side of the popular Nature vs. Nurture debate, because it was believed that how the sisters were treated by their mother played a very important role in when the schizophrenia developed for each sister. If our development was left entirely up to Nature, these sisters, who were genetically alike would have developed schizophrenia at the same time: instead the two sisters who received better treatment from their mother were diagnosed much later than life than the others who were not treated as well.


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I have to say, human development has become even more interesting to me as I start to see my son go through the stages. What made these topics interesting to you?

This is an interesting point. I thought that the sister study was interesting too; I have a friend who is raising 2 kids and it is weird (but amazing!) to see them develop into the beautiful girls they're becoming. Of course my friend takes into account that the developmental stages they're going through has a big correlational value in how she is raising them!

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