Squirrels and Rabbits in Chapter 12

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So chapter 12 had some pretty relevant things for a college student. In this chapter it talks about stress and mental health and how they affect us as a whole. The chapter really focused on the different types of stress and how stress can, if left untreated, become very harmful and detrimental to the system. Stress, such as many other illnesses, have many stages and effects. I also found this article that goes really well with this article. This article from the Mayo Clinic really helps reiterate the connection between stress and health and how as with other illnesses there are long term and short term affects from stress.


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It's crazy how relevant this chapter and article is to our daily lives, especially as college students as you said. Reading that article though made so many memories and feelings come back to my mind from last semester and it worried me that we could all be at risk for all of those health problems. I feel like the thing that we need to remember as action packed college students is that it is okay and in fact encouraged to take breaks to do things you enjoy, even though you always could be doing something for school or work, your body needs a mental break and a stress break. It's really reassuring actually to know that breaks are allowed in order to relieve stress because too much stress is not good for us. YAY for breaks.

How will you use what you learned in the chapter in your daily life?

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