When We Can't Hear

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While listening to music, I notice sometimes that I've turned up the volume on my iPod too loud. I can actually feel the damaging effect that loud music can have on one's eardrum. The book talks about conductive deafness, which is due to a malfunctioning of the ear, especially a failure of the eardrum or the ossicles of the inner ear. My friend's brother has this case of deafness, so I know a little bit about it. His pitch perception is close to being useless because his hair cells located in the basilar membrane are not working.
Humans have a hearing threshold. This is the minimum sound level of a pure tone that an average ear with normal hearing can hear with no other sound present, (Johnson, 5). The hearing threshold (and the hearing ability of the individual all together) can be impaired due to damaging frequencies of sound like listening to an iPod too loud. There has been some discrepancy about whether or not the eardrum can be damaged from an iPod, but I will most likely be turning my music down after learning this information.



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I found your post very interesting because I sometimes worry about how listening to my ipod affects my hearing. I too find myself constantly turning up my volume louder. Despite the discrepancies in research, your post convinces me I should probably turn my music down.

Have you noticed any impairment because of the loud music?

I am not much of an iPod listener, but I have always wondered how people who frequently go to concerts can still hear. I have been to a few concerts with very loud music and find myself with difficulty hearing for the next few days.

I find this topic very important to note, especially as a teenager who frequently listens to an iPod. As our generation ages, who knows how prevalent early hearing difficulty or deafness will be. The phrase "If the music is too loud, you're too old" comes to mind--I hope when I'm old I can still hear the music.

I actually read an article about that lat year in my anatomy class. It was talking about how generations who have grown up with MP3 players and IPods are expected to start having hearing problems as early as I think 40 years old even though the average age right now isn't until 60! This is slightly concerning considering that I am also definitely one of those people who blasts my music!

i love listening to my ipod and ive been involved with music my entire life. my dad once told me that my uncle has some hearing loss due to listening to his music far to loud as he grew up. i never paid much mind to it because i figured, if i lost my hearing because i listened to music too loud, i go deaf a happy women, but now that ive gotten older and have decided i would like to keep music in my life and be apart of choirs and just simply sing, i see how important it is to keep my ears healthy and watch how loud i turn up my music. however i think we can all agree that something happens when you get that perfect song with amazing bass pumping in your room, its a great experience.

I always make sure to listen to any music at levels that do not hurt my ears because i have had slightly worse than average hearing since i was a toddler because i had to have tubes put in my ears. Also, whenever you hear your ears ringing after listening to something very loud, you are no longer able to detect that frequency.

I find this topic very interesting because so many people listen to music and radio at high volumes. People know that loud noises can be harmful in the long run, but we still do it; we don't change our habits. Despite the doubts that researchers have about the causes of hearing, I still will take precautions and turn down the volume on my iPod.

Turning the volume too loud when you are listening to music with your Ipod can be damaging.Especially when we are on the bus or any other noisy places,we tend to turn the volume more loudly as all those noises around us lets us can't really hear about the music clearly.Also,if we listening to music for a really long time that is damaging,too.I always listen to music when shopping which require like 4 hours and my ears keep being "attacked" by all those music sound without having a rest.So now I'm gonna stop myself for doing that.

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