Selectivity of early memories

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When recalling an early memory, I remember going to Florida with my family to visit Disney World. When thinking about this initially, all I remembered somewhat well was visiting my grandparents in Fort Myers and then my brother talking about how scary the Tower of Terror was. Then, after spending a considerable amount of time looking through photo albums of the trip, I began to develop vivid memories of meeting Mickey Mouse. This is very similar to what we discussed in class about people convincing themselves they saw Bugs Bunny at Disney World. This occurred in both cases because they are both positive memories and something that is a desirable memory. However, in my case the event actually occurred, so therefore I felt very good about such a memory until I recently admitted to myself that I had no real recollection of the event. Once I admitted this, I began comparing these memories with those of my mother. Unlike my visions of grandparent visits and nightmares about the Tower of Terror. On the contrary, she remembered incredibly long lines for rides, overpriced tickets, and overpriced hotels. In this instance, this seems to be a fairly typical contrast between a child and parent's experience at Disney World.


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I also have memories of my childhood that I would have not remembered if it weren't for my family or pictures. I have always wondered if our photo albums were destroyed, would I have the same memories of my childhood now? I don't think I would at all. It's interesting how the memories become so real when they weren't there before the memory was triggered by a story or photo.

I find this same thing happening to me with my early memories compared to what my parents remembered. I blogged about an occurrence of when I went kite flying with my mom, my uncle, and my cousin. I didn't even remember that my uncle was there until my mom told me. Many things she mentioned, I hadn't remembered at all. Some things I did remember after she told me about them. There are also a few small details that I remember and that she doesn't. I find it very interesting how memory differs in age.

I think this is a really interesting phenomenon...How did you determine that the memories weren't "real?"

The comparison between children's memories and adults memories about certain events are funny to see. When your a kid the only thing that you worry about is things that have to do with having fun or being scared. But as an adult you are worried about how much money your spending and how inconvenient things are. I also have noticed that a lot of early memories are hard to remember until i look at pictures than a lot of memories come back to me. It is really interesting how that works.

I think its very strange how photographs can trigger our memories. Just from a picture that captures a second of the whole experience, we can remember most of the experience, even specific details from it. I have also found that many of my memories are remembered from the stories being told over and over again, and not from me actually remembering experiencing them.

I find this phenomenon very interesting as well. As the last poster said I too realize that a lot of my earlier memories are really just stories that my parents have told me over and over again and now to me they are memories. However these would probably never be memories to me if my parents hadn't kept on telling them. Very interesting how that works!

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