The Truth Behind 50 First Dates

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My favorite movie of all time is definitely 50 First Dates. I'm not quite sure why I like it so much, but it has always been interesting to me. In the movie, the main character Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore, gets into a car accident on her father's birthday. She is brain damaged so that she remembers everything from before the crash, but cannot generate new memories, making each day seem like her father's birthday. Henry, played by Adam Sandler, meets Lucy at a restaurant that she goes to every morning. The next day, she does not remember who Henry is, causing him much confusion until he finds out that she cannot have any new memories. He has to convince her every day that they are in love, which creates an exciting movie. In the movie, Lucy is diagnosed with "Goldfield's Syndrome", which does not actually exist in real life. This diagnosis was made up by the producers, but there are actual memory loss symptoms that are similar to what Lucy experienced. The closest one is Organic Amnesia. This is caused by an accident, much like Lucy's, where the person is no longer able to create new long term memories. One difference between this real life disorder and the one in the movie is that people with Organic Amnesia forget within a few minutes, whereas Lucy is able to retain her memories for the entire day until she goes to sleep.


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I've always wanted to see this movie! I think it's so amazing how incorporated psychology is within media we experience everyday, even in our favorite movies. I personally cannot imagine having something like organic amnesia and not being able to generate new memories. Before seeing the video in lecture about Clive Wearing, I never would've though how vital memory is to us. Not having it can truly cripple our lives. Interesting blog!

I too, am a big fan of this movie! It's interesting that her diagnosis in the movie doesn't actually exist in real life--they made it seem pretty realistic and believable. It is surprising to me, whether it be with with Lucy's made up diagnosis or Organic Amnesia, that there is a point at which all that recent, short term memory instantaneously disappears. This seems like it would be an incredible struggle to live with and to have to deal with if loved ones suffer from it, as shown in 50 First Dates.

I have never watched this movie, but now it would be even more interesting to watch it because of the psychology added in to it. It would be so frustrating to have memory loss; not having any control over your live. A great example was Clive Wearing, who was so impatient because he had loss control over his short term memory; he didn’t know how things got to where they were. Another great movie which is related to psychology is The Vow; it has great examples about the effects of memory loss on every day life. Good job on your blog!

This movie is also one of my favorites! It's just a really touching story to me. And I had no idea that her diagnosis wasn't real. It was very believable! I always wondered what would happen if she stayed up the whole night. Does she lose her memory in her sleep, or does it happen around the same time every night? And how scary would it be to wake up and see that you've aged a lot. How would a person even cope with that?

How do you think it would be to life with this type of memory loss?

I have seen this movie multiple times and i also think its a good movie. While watching it i have also wondered if the Lucy's diagnosis was a actually condition or made up and its good to know that it is made up. I was aware that there were conditions where people would forget information within a couple minutes so i thought Lucy's condition could be plausible.

When i saw this movie for the first time my initial reaction every day when she would re-meet henry at that breakfast place was just instant sadness. Sadness for Lucy because just the day before i saw how madly in love with Henry she was and for her to be so confused and scared of him because she had no idea who he was the very next day just killed me for her, i wondered how she would ever be able to maintain or meet anybody throughout the rest of her life. And it caused me sadness for Henry because it was so easy to tell how much he was willing to do to convince her that they are in love and try to help remind her who he is. If i were Henry i honestly don't know what i would do, fighting for love is important, but that kind of love is just so difficult. Organic Amnesia seems almost as destructive as the other disease i just read about, AD. Both just terribly sad and can truly ruin someone's life.

This is a crazy situation to comprehend. Think about how hard daily tasks would be for you. At least in the movie she was normal throughout a single day. It would have to be extremely difficult to live with organic amnesia. Every task you did you would be confused at what you were doing. Ex. taking a shower and then wondering why you are in there or how you got there.

I think this connects to concepts in class that were talked about in regards to memory loss but I am more interested in the end of the movie,which I have seen as well, when Adam Sandler decides that he will make her watch a video every morning describing her life to her but I do not think this solution would work in real life because waking up one morning to figure out your entire life has been spent and forgotten would be a traumatizing experience. I don't know though, that's just y opinion.

In my opinion, that movie definitely served as a humorous way to show people how difficult it can be to deal with such memory issues when it comes to people that mean a great deal to you in real life.

I have only seen parts of this movie but from what I have seen it does show what the hardships of having memory loss can be. Like aaron035 said, it's a humorous way of showing people how hard memory loss is

I have seen this movie as well and agree that it puts a humorous swing on a issue that can severely affect the lives of people suffering from any form of memory loss.

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