Young Children

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As discussed in lecture; Children who are younger than 6 years of age focus exclusively on dimension, for examples, the height of liquid or length of chips. One of an example, is that if you put two equal amount of water in two different size glasses; the young children tend to think that the amount in the bigger glass is more than the small glass. The reason for this is because that they're too young to tell the difference. I think this is kind of interesting because I never thought about this before. So, I decided to do the little experiment, I put same amount of M&M chocolate in two different size containers. One container is shorter than the other one. and I asked my five years old nephew which one container contains more M&M chocolate. He pointed to the long container. But, the fact is both containers contain the same amount of M&M chocolate.


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This was interesting. Like you said, this example fits the dimensions aspect of early childhood development. It is funny how it works though because without reason, the kid just assumes the larger container has more, an appropiate guess for anyone while just assuming/inferring.

How do you think this impacts a child's perspective?

aha~Interesting topic and your experiment just proved it.I think I gonna do a same experiment to my little cousin to see how it comes.

I'm so impressed that you actually tried the experiment in real life! During the lecture, it was surprizing that there are some stages that we pass to be in certain level of analyzing problems.

I regularly work with preschoolers and kindergarteners and this is very accurate. In my experience, children at this age have an obsession with bigness, at least in the sense of height. I think that this is somewhat derived from being taught by people (teachers, parents, and others) that are almost twice their height. They learn to see most of these people and can correlate height as something to be admired, which might be part of the reason they see the tall glass as holding more.

I never really thought about this concept before talking about it in class. This concept is so obvious to me but I'm sure when I was younger I would have fallen for this study and chosen a container instead of saying that they contained the same amount.

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