Did He Really Disappear?

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After watching the video in lecture a couple weeks ago about whether or not children realize if an object is still there when it is covered up or if they think that it actually disappears when it is covered up. During spring break I saw a real life example of this. I was sitting by the pool and there was a baby with her dad in the pool. The baby was probably around one year old. The baby was floating in an inter tube and her father was holding on to the tube. The father would go under the water and the baby would just look around for him wondering where he went. Then a couple seconds later he would pop up out of the water and she would just smile and laugh and then he would repeat this and every time she would laugh and smile. But I wonder if she really thought he disappeared or knew that he went under the water.


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What do you think? How could you test whether she knew he went underwater or not? Did they address this in the video in class? (Remember the train track when they put the box in front of the track?)

I have definitely considered this too. I have done a lot of babysitting and I often find it so hard to believe HOW LONG a baby can play peek-a-boo. I mean, I've never known a little kid to get tired of playing peek-a-boo before I did first. Before we heard this lecture and saw this video clip, I was completely baffled at how a baby wouldn't know that I was hiding behind my hands the whole time.

I think that is a very similar example to the video in class with the car riding on the track and other film clips we are shown. I suppose it depends on how old the baby was but due to the apparent excitement of the baby each time the dad came up, I feel like maybe the baby thought he really did disappear.

I think that the baby really thinks that her dad was really disappeared because at her age, she hasn't developed object permanence yet.

This is a very interesting application of what we have learned into everyday life. I for one never knew that according to Piaget, babies lacked object permanence, so I found it very interesting to learn about. The fact that a baby doesn't just think it is hidden, that it actually just thinks its gone is interesting. I wonder what makes a baby realize that just because they can't see the object doesn't mean it still isn't there. Is it brought about by experience or is it just a natural thing that we learn to help better adapt?

I agree with buixx087. A baby in that age has no sense of the object permanence.

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